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This page contains links to on-line working papers. These are papers that are not yet published. They are under review, under revision or just plain underwhelming. They are listed by topic. If you would like a published paper, see the following link. If you would like to see my CV.

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Internet Policy

Glimmers and Signs of Innovative Health in the Commercial Internet

(Presented at the Silicon Flatirons Conference on the Future of the Internet, February, 2009. Forthcoming in the University of Colorado Law Review).


Nurturing the Accumulation of Innovation: Lessons from the Internet

(Presented at the NBER program, "Accelerating Innovation in Energy, Lessons from Multiple Sectors." October, 2009. The slides from this presentation. Forthcoming in a book with the same title, edited by Rebecca Henderson and Richard Newell.)

Presentation at Northwestern Law School, May, 2010.


Transactions Costs, Transparency, and Innovation for the Internet.

(Presented at the FCC hearing, "Innovation, Investment, and the Open Internet." MIT, January 13, 2009.)


The Economics of Digitization, An Agenda

The compilation of many ideas from participants in the April 6, 2010 meeting at the Sloan Foundation.

Economic growth from deployment of infrastructure

Avi Goldfarb and Chris Forman


The Internet and Local Wages: A Puzzle

(Presented at the ASSA meetings, January, 2010)

Ryan McDevitt

The Broadband Bonus: Accounting for Broadband Internet’s Impact on U.S. GDP

(Presented at the ASSA Meetings, January, 2009)

Spreadsheets from the paper's appendix.

Innovation in Computing
Tim Brensahan and Rebecca Henderson

Schumpeterian competition and diseconomies of scope: illustrations from the histories of IBM and Microsoft.

(Presented at the 2009 and 2010 NBER meeting to commemorate the 50 Year anniversery of the Rate and Direction of Inventive Activity. Also presented at the 2010 Schumpeter Society Meetings).


Innovative Conduct in U.S. Commercial Computing and Internet Markets,

(Essay for Handbook of Economics of Technical Change, edited by Bronwyn Hall and Nate Rosenberg.)

Infrastructure Pricing and Measurement
Ryan McDevitt Evidence of a Modest Price Decline in US Broadband Services
Sarit Markovich Creating Value with Homogeneous Technology: Electronic Business Service Providers
  Is the Price Right? The CPI for Internet Access. A Report for the Bureau of Economic Analysis. December, 2002

Data Constraints & the Internet Economy: Impressions & Imprecision

(Position paper for the OECD/NSF meeting on "Factors shaping the future of the Internet.")

Oded Bizan Price Dispersion in ISP's Contract Offerings
  Contracting for Dial-up Internet Access
Pablo Spiller Estimating the Welfare Effects of Digital Infrastructure, NBER Working Paper # 5770. (Sept. 1996)
Computers and Product innovation
Jim Wade and David Barth Empirical Determinants of Product Obsolescence and the Product Life Cycle: An Application to the Commercial Mainframe Computer Market

Did Computers Diffuse Quickly? Best versus Average Practice in Mainframe Computers, 1968-1983.Working Paper No. 4647, National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge, MA. February 1994.





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