Photographs from summer 2012

Pictures of the Rafting trip

Nature Rafting   Family posing   More posing    
Seals and gulls Pose before the journey  

In front of the elephant ears

  Family at the tent    
Sunset in Santa Cruz Laughing   Ilana slides   Noah at the tent    
Gecko Row row row   Rebecca slides   Ilana at the watering hole    
Look for the humming bird Down the rapid   Eli and Noah swing   Kids at the watering hole    
Yes, a humming bird Down another rapid   Ilana swings?   Noah and Eli at watering hole    
Ah, wilderness. Excellent rapid   Ranna and the Rents   Ilana and Rebecca at watering hole    
  Ilana and Eli   Dedication   Noah and Rebecca drying off    
  Ilana and Eli hold on to one another   Dedication and the tree   Panning for gold    
  Great rapid   Kids on a beautiful day in Monterey   Panning for more gold    
  Dig in and row   One the beach   Waiting for the stars to come out    
      Noah on the beach   Silly in the water hole    
      Ilana on the beach   Visiting the Stanford arches    
      Rebecca on the beach   They are thinkers    
      Eli on the beach        
      Ilana and Rebecca  




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