Photographs from summer 2011

Pictures of the Sierra trip

  Children posing   Family posing   Nature at its finest    
  Amidst flowers (a personal favorite)  

At Tamarack Lake -landscape (same as above)

  Sparkling lake    
  Rebecca Ilana at Eagle Lakes   At Tamack Lake -- close up   Swallowtail butterfly (a personal favorite)    
  Rebecca Ilana at the pier   Ilana, Jo, Rebecca, Hannah   Alpine meadow    
  The Tree at Squaw with kids   Phil amidst the yellow flowers   The elusive snow flower    
  Echo lake behind - landscape   Sitting on the rock couch   Beautiful meadow    
  Echo lake behind - closeup   Ilana & Noah with Z   Lupin meadow    
  Eli next to the beach   Hiking at Squaw with landscape view   Orange meadow    
  Ilana, Noah, Rebecca looking   Eating at the CA train museum with B&Z   Moonrise over the lake    
  Eli with a foot in the water   Pose at the pier   Orange Butterfly    
  Rebecca with B& Z   Pose next to snow at 8K   Purple flower 1    
  Eli and Noah at Tamarack   Pose at Eagle Lake   Purple flower 2    
  Noah says Hello   Kids with Z.   Snake    
  Entering desolation wilderness   Hannah, Rebecca, Ilana, Noah   Eagle Lake    
  Pose on the Morraine       Sunset over the lake    
  Pose on the hike      

Tree and mountain

  On the pier       View from Tamarack    
          White flower    


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