Photographs from summer 2010

Pictures of the Sierra trip


Children posing   People and landscape   Miscellaneous   Whitle water rafting
Kids with B&Z  

Cousins between trees


Elephant ears are bigger than Noah and Rebecca

Kids with B at the beach   In a cave   Eli in a toy car   Immersion
Kids at Dad's Birthday   Cousins in a cove   Ilana and Rebecca and the tree   Through the gap

Echo lake family photo 1

  Rebecca at Eagle Lake   Ilana at the beach   Out of the hole
Echo lake family photo 2   Eli in cove   In a cave   Excellent adventure
Kids pose at Emerald Bay   Ilana and Rebecca at lunch at Echo   Kids and the big train wheels   What a picture
Kids on the Echo Lake trail   Ilana and Rebecca on the trail at Echo  

Lupines in the high country

  Happy on the water
Kids on the Echo Lake trail some more   Ilana and Noah at Echo   Noah and the Lego Eiffel Tower   Close up on happy
Kids and the cut tree at Squaw Valley   Ilana and Rebecca at the cove   Rebecca on a big Tree   Rebecca and Noah
Kids swim in the pool   Noah on the trail at Echo lakes   Stalag...stala...oh, whatever   Greetings
Morning in Tahoe  

Ranna at lunch at Echo Lake

  Steam Train at Virginia City   Smile
Ending the echo lakes hike   Uncle Mark and Eli   B&Z and passengers on a Train at Virginia City   Rebecca and Noah smile
Eli rides a horse   Family at Eagle Lakes        
Ilana and Adam ride a horse          
Rebecca rides a horse  

Noah rides a horse          
Uncle Mark rides a horse          
Shane risdes a horse            

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