Photographs from summer 2009

Pictures of the trip to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons


People posing   Plants and animals   Landscapes and bubbly stuff
Eleanor Lake pose  

A bear on the side of the road


Blue pool

Family photo with Tetons (same as above)   A black bear crossing road   Buildup of deposits
Ilana finds an arrowhead   Bear from behind   Brown mounds of stuff

Kids posing by a bubbly pool

  A bear out for a stroll   Bubbly water in pool
Kids posing by burnt trees from the 1988 fire   A bison roaming   Buildup with water inside
Kids looking cute   A bison standing   Canyon
Kids at a high altitude   A few bison shooting the breeze  

Clear water and brown contrast

Kids looking at the hidden falls   A baby bison   Grand Tetons from the snake river
Kids with more hot bubbly   Catepillar closeup   Geyser letting off some steam
Kids and the roots of a dead tree   Dead trees next to deposits   Gray terrance
Kids at Phelps Lake  

Deer comes to breakfast at cabins

  Green running water with algae
Ranna and the kids looking good   Deer poses   Hidden falls behind Jenny Lake
Ranna and the kids on a hike   Eagle chasing an osprey with a fish   Moonscape
Yellowstone sign (same as above)   Eagle in flight   Preferred Parking for hybrid vehicles (look closely)

Horse ride


Elk real close

Eli rides a horse   Elk smile for the camera   Twigs make pattern
Ilana rides a horse   Fireweed   White and brown buildup
Rebecca rides a horse   Flowers in hot water   White and gray terrace
Noah rides a horse   Lupine in a meadow   White terrace
Ranna rides a horse   Pronghorn at play -- not antelope   Yellowstone falls
Shane rides a horse   Terraces and grass   Yellowstone falls from a distance

Two trees inside a pool

  Yellowstone River
    Yellow flowers precarious existence    

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