Photographs from summer 2008

Pictures of the August trip to Yosemite (all jpeg files)
[With several additional photos from Arnold, CA]

Olmstead point (same as above)

By an amazing old tree

Yellow alpine flowers

The view from Glacier point never grows old

Cousins on a tree stump

Tall trees frame cousins

Eli is a tree hugger

Hiding behind a tufa tower at Mono Lake

The kids at the top of the world on a beautiful day

Noah and the tree root

We climbed to the top so Dad could take this pointless picture

Tourists in Yosemite Valley

Awesome shadows at sunset

Hike to the falls

Ilana with frizzy hair

Mirror lake is almost dry and has no reflection

The granite from the top of Yosemite Valley

Noah and Eli in the water

Look over there, Noah and Rebecca

Adam Jacob Ilana Eli on a bench

Noah with his shoes off in the water

Where is the waterfall?

Hannah, Noah, Rebecca, Eli and waffle

Hetch hetchy dam

Dad, who cares about deer? We can see them a mile from home.

Lunch on a rock

Hike by the lake

Posing for another amazing picture

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