Photographs from spring 2008

Pictures of the spring trip to the Yukatan (all jpeg files)

On the beach

Waves of the Caribe

Eli runs from the waves

Noah and Eli build a sand castle

Eli's castle is washed away

Ilana poses at the waves

Rebecca dries off

Swimming at the pool

Rebecca participates in the puppet show

Noah, Rebecca, and Ilana with puppets

Eli and a Nemo puppet

Ilana with her puppet

Ilana in the pool

Tulum beach

Noah, Rebecca and Ilana at Tulum

Shane and Ranna look like tourists among the ruins

Look kids, the Mayans made windows in their buildings

Family at Chichen Itza

Dad, what do you mean, it does not rhyme with chicken pizza?

So pretty in pink and sunglasses a dragon could eat them.

Amid the thousand columns

Stopping for lunch (and a nap)

Hide and seek

Looks like rain

Waiting out the rain

Buried in the sand 1

Buried in the sand 2

Buried in the sand 3

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