Photographs from summer 2007

Pictures of the summer trip to the Lake Tahoe (all jpeg files)

*plus a few from Shane's trip to YellowStone (pictures thanks to David Hsu)*

 A pair of cow girls dress up for summer camp, Rebecca and Ilana

Bridge over eagle falls during a first Sierra hike for Ilana and Eli, with help from everyone else

Cute kids at Eagle lakes

Did we all actually climb this high? Emerald Bay in the background.

Extraordinarily exciting water trip for Rebecca and Ilana

Fun water jackets for the boat?

Go to the beach at the north side of Lake Tahoe, Noah and Rebecca

Hi B & Z

I see you from afar, says Noah

Jacket on waist for now, but it goes on above 8000 feet

Kind of relaxing for the patriarch

Lake Tahoe behind Noah, Rebecca, Ilana, Eli

Limb at Squaw for a family photo

Me and my number one: a picture taken by Ilana

Not too big and not too small, the chair is just right for four kids

Oh, but me and Twain could shoot the breeze all night

Peep peep says the train

Quiet moment at Donner lake

Relaxing hike at Echo Lakes

See the trail at Echo? Noah and Rebecca don't and neither did anyone else.

Trail, tree and kids at spectacular scenery at Echo Lakes

Under the big sky and big clouds on the trail

Very cute kids at the end of our hike at Echo Lakes

Way up above (Donner Lake in the background) with Jody, Phil, Hannah, Jacob

Xciting look at a tunnel built for the transcontinental railroad

Yikes, it is dark in here for Eli.


Shane and geyser

What is the plural of bison? Is it biso, bisons, bis or Gnu?

A big big bison

Big big Elk

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