Photographs from fall 2006

Pictures of the summer trip to the Canadian Rockies (all jpeg files).

 Noah and Rebecca on the Columbia Glacier

Greenstein sibs with patriach on ice

Excitement from watching the ice melt

Hugs on ice

Picturesque family unit

The extended family with the bus

Eli, Zeyde, Rebecca, Noah, Jenny

Eli on Dad's shoulders

Ilana on ice

Rebecca on ice

Noah on ice

Mom and Eli

Family photo overlooking glacial valley

Hannah, Noah, Ilana, Jenny, Jacob, Adam

Family unit on ice

Hannah, Jenny, Jacob, Ilana, Noah rest during hike

Rebecca on the road

Zeyde and Rebecca

Noah and Rebecca by the water

Shane and Ranna at Lake Louise

Noah and Uncle Mark and Aunt Jody climb

We made it.

Eli by the water.

Rebecca by the water.

Posing by the waterfall

On a hike with Zeyde


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