Photographs from fall 2003 and spring 2004

Pictures of the kids (all jpeg files).

Halloween, 2003.

Pictures from Fall of 2003
Rebecca and Ilana and dolls.
Ilana gives Eli and a doll
Ilana is way cool
Ilana and Jenny and Zaddy at Ilana's second birthday
Zaddy and Eli
Zaddy and Eli in a comfortable chair.
Noah at home relaxing
Noah and Ilana and the tinkertoy man
Rebecca is a chef
Laughing on the swing
Take two on the swing
Shane and Ranna and the kids
Another Halloween Picture

Noah and Rebecca from the Spring of 2004
Rebecca at preschool
Rebecca at preschool some more
Rebecca going to preschool
SeaSnakes, Noah's soccer team
Noah on the soccer field
Noah on the soccer field some more
Noah and his coach
Noah stretching at gymnastics
Noah swinging at gymanstics
Rebecca the walking gymnast
Rebecca says "Hi Daddy"