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Dear reader, I have been doing these essays for many years. For the most recent essays, click here. The essays on this page were the basis for my book. Here they are in their original  form. They are divided into categories by topic.   I take great joy in writing these and hope others take away something from reading them.  The book is titled Diamonds are Forever, Computers are Not. Economic and Strategic Management in Computing Markets. For an outline of my new book, click here (doc). You may purchase this book from the publisher at the following link at Imperial College Press and World Scientific Press.

Diffusion in broader perspective
Industry Evolution in broader perspective
Managing uncertainty, understanding its sources and its consequences
Convergence and platforms
Understanding the on-line world
Microsoft's antitrust problems in perspective
Observations about buyer behavior
Macro-economics and computing
Some topical policy issues in perspective

Diffusion in broader perspective {mostly in good fun}
August, 2001
A personal favorite. About the diffusion of email & some parting words about Zvi Griliches
December, 1999
About diffusion by word of mouth for internet software
August, 1997
Life cycle metaphors in technology development, one of my most popular columns
August, 1995
A personal favorite. Comparing a PC to a diamond.
Industry Evolution in broader perspective {mostly in good fun}
May, 2000
A comment on the frenzy atmosphere of the end of the Internet boom
October, 1998
One of my favorites. The PC industy as the Star Wars trilogy
April, 1997
Written for birthday celebration for HAL, the computer from 2001, also a favorite
April, 1996
Written for the 25 year anniversary of the microprocessor invention
December, 1995
Another favorite. The release of Windows 95 as an episode in a soap opera
Managing uncertainty, understanding its sources and its consequences
January, 2002
Most popular essay ever. IEEE Micro called this the "inside scoop on the high-tech stock market bust."
September, 2001
Three errors common to dot-bombs illustrate how new technology markets develop
June 2001
What a downturn means in high tech, why it was hard to forecast
June, 1999
Why some types of change are inherently difficult to predict
August, 1998
The basic economics of uncertainty in high technology
Convergence and platforms
February, 1999
Basic economics of convergence
June, 1998
This is a long piece on platforms. Translates academics into normal language
October, 1997
Thinking about different ways convergence happens
Understanding the on-line world
April, 2001 Myths and facts in commercial internet pricing
April, 2000 Another comment on the atmosphere of the present age
August, 1999 How firms differentiate at the nexus of virtual and non-virtual
December, 1998 What factors enabled this to happen so fast?
February, 1996 About Peapod in the early days
Microsoft's antitrust problems in perspective
October 2000 Putting the issues in broader perspective
August, 2000 Why AT&T is not a good historical example
February, 2000 About the findings of fact
April, 1999 About the political economy of the antitrust case
April, 1998 My cautious opinion before the case was fought
June, 1997 What seemed to be at issue before the details came out
Observations about buyer behavior
February, 1997 Why customizing general purpose computing requires co-invention
June, 1996 Not all users are on the cutting edge, but that is ok nonetheless
October, 1995 Reporting on an academic piece about replacing mainframes with client/server
Macro-economics and computing
November, 2001 How the US Census attempts to measure E-business infrastructure.
February, 2001 Why the benefits from IT investment are hard to measure.
October, 1999 Alan Greenspan and how the internet is changing the economy
August, 1996 Misunderstandings in popular press about the benefits from investment in IT
Some topical policy issues in perspective
March, 2002 The FTC as it formulates the next generation of policy. My brief opinion
December, 2000 Reflections on policy in the PC industry at the turn of the new century
February, 1998 The digital divide and other distributional issues in the information economy
December, 1996 A critique of the popular metaphor
October, 1996 How this comes about and what to do about it


December, 1997 A book review of the book edited by David Mowery
  Observations about the pitfalls of doing research in the digital age. The story of getting the data for my thesis

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