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This page contains links to frequently requested older papers. Most are published somewhere. I list them by topic. If you want to examine their chronological order, then please see my Cv-online.pdf. These are not my working papers. For working papers, see working papers. These also are not columns. For recent columns, see columns.

Geographic Distribution of Communications Infrastucture
Competitive Behavior of Firms in Technology Markets
User Studies
Standards and Platforms, Technological Competition
Government Procurement of Computing Equipment
Statistical Research: Schooling markets
Overview and Framework: Antitrust and health markets
Economic Theory: The incentives to innovate

Geographic Distribution of Communications Infrastucture.  

Statistical Research on Internet Infrastructure
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2008 (Chris Forman and Avi Goldfarb)

Understanding the Inputs into Innovation: Do Cities Substitute for Internal Firm Resources?

Sloan Management Review write-up about the article:

Journal of Economics and Management Strategy. Here is the cover of JEMS 17(2), where the article appeared. Note the three authors whose names are circled. Here is a picture of those same three authors 19 years earlier.

2008 (Tom Downes) Understanding Why Universal Service Obligations May Be Unnecessary: The Private Development of Local Internet Access Markets Journal of Urban Economics
2005 (Chris Forman and Avi Goldfarb) How did Location Affect Adoption of the Commercial Internet? Global Village vs. Urban Leadership Journal of Urban Economics
2005 (Avi Goldfarb and Chris Forman) How do Industry Features Influence the Role of Location on Internet Adoption? Journal of the Association of Information Systems
2004 (Marc Rysman) Testing for Agglomeration and Dispersion Economics Letters
2004 (Chris Forman and Avi Goldfarb) Geographic Location and the Diffusion of Internet Technology Electronic Commerce Research Applications
2003 (Chris Forman and Avi Goldfarb) The Geographic Dispersion of Commercial Internet Use In Rethinking Rights and Regulations:  Institutional Responses to New Communication Technologies, ed. Steve Wildman and Lorrie Cranor, Cambridge: MIT Press., pp. 113-45.
Competitive Behavior of Firms in Technology Markets
Statistical Research on Entry and Differentiated Competition
2008 (Angelique Augereau and Marc Rysman) Coordination versus Differentiation in a Standards War: 56K modems Rand Journal of Economics
2008 (Greg Stranger) ISP Pricing in the Shadow of Firm Turnover: ISPs During the 1990s International Journal of Industrial Organization
2006 (Mike Mazzeo) Differentiated Entry into Competitive Telephony Journal of Industrial Economics
Winter 1998 (Jim Wade) The Product Life Cycle in the Commercial Mainframe Computer Market, 1968-1983 Rand Journal of Economics. An earlier version which includes all the estimates and specification is available as an NBER working paper 6124. To view that version, click here.
1997   From Super-minis to Super Computers: Estimating Surplus in the Computing Market. in (Eds) Tim Bresnahan and Robert J. Gordon, The Economics of New Goods, Pp. 329-362, University of Chicago Press.
Nov. 1995 (Eduardo Luzio) Measuring the Performance of a Protected Infant Industry: The Case of Brazilian Micro-Computers. Review of Economics and Statistics, pp 622-633.
Statistical Research on the Internet Firm Upgrades and Services
2008 (Greg Stranger) Pricing at the On-ramp to the Internet: Price Indices for ISPs during the 1990s. (Eds., Ernst Berndt and Charles Hulten) Hard to Measure Goods and Service: Essays in Memory of Zvi Griliches, University of Chicago Press.
2001 (Angelique Augereau) The Need for Speed in Emerging Communications Markets: Upgrades to Advanced Technology at Internet Service Providers International Journal of Industrial Organization, v 19, pp 1085-1102.
2000   Building and Developing the Virtual World: The Commercial Internet Access Market. Journal of Industrial Economics, December.
2000   Empirical Evidence on Commercial Internet Access Providers' Propensity to Offer new Services (ed) Benjamin Compaign and Ingo Vogelsang. The Internet Upheaval, Raising Questions and Seeking Answers in Communications Policy. MIT Press.
Overview and Frameworks on Managerial Practice
2007 (Mark Rysman) Coordination Costs and Standard Setting: Lessons from 56K in (eds, Shane Greenstein and Victor Stango), Standards and Public Policy, Cambridge Press.
2004   Technological Mediation as Strategy: The Case of ISPs in (ed) Subir Chowdhury, Next Generation Business Handbook, John Wiley and Sons, pp. 1128-1156.
Winter 2001   Technological Mediation and Commercial Development in the Early Internet Access Market California Management Review, 43, 2, pp 75-94.
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Internet Access Market Maps
2002 (Tom Downes) Universal Access and Local Commercial Internet Markets in (Ed) Sharon Gillett and Ingo Vogelsang, , Competition, Regulation and Convergence: Current Trends in Telecommunications Policy Research, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, pp. 195-212.
1999 (Tom Downes) Do Commercial ISPs Provide Universal Access?  
Color Maps of ISPs
Black & White Maps of ISPs
Fall 1996
Fall 1996
Spring 1997
Spring 1997
Fall 1997
Fall 1997
Spring 1998
Spring 1998
Fall 1998
Fall 1998
Statistical Research on Communications Infrastructure Prior to the Internet
2003 (Mercedes Lizardo and Pablo Spiller) The Evolution of Advanced Large Scale Information Infrastructure in the United States in (ed) Allan Shampine, Down to the Wire: Studies in the Diffusion and Regulation of Telecommunications Technologies, Nova Science Publishers, New York. Pp. 3-36.
1999 (Mercedes Lizardo) Determinants of the Regional Distribution of Information Technology Infrastructure in U.S. in (Eds) Dale Orr and Tom Wilson, The Electronic Village: Public Policy Issues of the Information Economy. C.D. Howe Institute, Toronto, Canada.
Dec. 1995 (Pablo Spiller) Modern Telecommunications Infrastructure and Economic Activity: An Empirical Investigation. Industrial and Corporate Change, 4(4), pp. 647-665.
Summer 1995 (Susan McMaster and Pablo Spiller) The Effect of Incentive Regulation on Local Exchange Companies' Deployment of Digital Infrastructure Journal of Economics, Management, and Strategy.4 (2), pp 187-236.
Overview: The Economic Geography of the Internet
2008 Jeff Prince The Diffusion of the Internet and the Geography of the Digital Divide in the United States in (eds) Danny Quah, Robin Mansell, The Oxford Handbook of Information and Communication Technologies.
2005   The Economic Geography of Internet Infrastructure in the United States in (eds) Martin Cave, Sumit Majumdar, and Ingo Vogelsang, Handbook of Telecommunication Economics, Volume II.  Elsevier.
Overview: Why did Commercialization of the Internet go so well?
2008   Economic Experiments and Neutrality in Internet Access. (eds) Adam Jaffe, Josh Lerner, and Scott Stern, Innovation, Policy, and the Economy, Volume 8. University of Chicago Press.
2008   Innovation and the Evolution of the Market Structure for Internet Access in the United States in (eds) William Aspray and Paul Ceruzzi, The Commercial Internet and its Impact on American Business, MIT Press.
2001   Commercialization of the Internet: The Interaction of Public Policy and Private Actions in (eds) Adam Jaffe, Josh Lerner and Scott Stern, Innovation, Policy and the Economy, MIT Press.
2000   Framing Empirical Research on the Evolving Structure of Commercial Internet Markets in (eds) Erik Brynolfsson and Brian Kahin, Understanding the Digital Economy: Data, Tools and Research, MIT Press.
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User Studies
Statistical Studies of User Demand for and adoption of new computing technology
2003 Chris Forman and Avi Goldfarb) Which Industries use the Internet? in (ed) Michael Baye, Organizing the New Industrial Economy, Elsevier. Pages 47-72.
Winter, 2000 (Ken Brown) Identifying the Demand for Features: An application to Mainframe Computers Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Vol 9, pp 353-383.
Winter, 1997   Lock-in and the Costs of Switching Mainframe Computer Vendors: What Do Buyers See? Industrial and Corporate Change, 6(2), pp 247-273.
Jan. 1996 (Tim Bresnahan) Technical Progress and Co-Invention in Computing and in the Use of Computers Brookings Papers on Economics Activity: Microeconomics, Pp. 1-78.
1996 (Tim Bresnahan) The Competitive Crash in Large Scale Commercial Computing in (Eds) Ralph Landau, Timothy Taylor, and Gavin Wright The Mosaic of Economic Growth,Pp. 357-397, Stanford University Press: Stanford, CA.
2001 (Tim Bresnahan) The economic contribution of information technology: Towards comparative and user studies Journal of Evolutionary Economics, v11, pp 95-118. A related version is in (ed) Ulrich Witt, Escaping Satiation, The Demand Side of Economic Growth, Springer-Verlag, New York (2001).
Winter 1998 (Ed Jimeniz) The Emerging Internet Retailing Market as a Nested diffusion Process International Journal of Innovation Management,V2, N3.
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Standards and Platforms, Technological Competition

Overview and Frameworks
Forthcoming   Standardization, Complexity and Transitional Technology Markets in (eds) Sherrie Bolin and Carl Cargill, The Standards Edge.
Dec. 1999 (Tim Bresnahan) Technological Competition and the Structure of the Computing Industry Journal of Industrial Economics.
1999   Vertical Foreclosure in Information Technology Markets: Comment on Ordover and Willig in (eds) Jeffrey A Eisenach and Thomas M Lenard, Competition, Convergence and the Microsoft Monopoly: Antitrust in the Digital Marketplace, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston.
Fall 1990 (Paul David) The Economics of Compatibility of Standards: A Survey Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Vol. 1., pp 3-41.
Statistical Research in Industry Evolution
Dec. 1999 (Neil Gandal and Dave Salant) Adoptions and Orphans in the Early Microcomputer Market: Chickens and Eggs, Hardware and Software Journal of Industrial Economics.
Fall 1990   Creating Economic Advantage by Setting Compatibility Standards: Can Physical Tie-ins Extend Monopoly Power? Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Vol. 1., pp 63-84.
Standards and Platforms, Strategy and Managerial Practice
May 1998   Industrial Economics and Strategy: Computing Platforms IEEE Micro: Chips, Systems, and Applications, Special issue on Standardization,18 (3), Pp. 43-53.
1996   Invisible Hands versus Invisible Advisors: Coordination Mechanisms in Economic Networks in (Ed) Eli Noam and Aine Nishuilleabhain, Public Networks, Public Objectives, Pp. 135-160, Elsevier Science B. V., Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Dec. 1993   Markets, Standardization, and the Information Infrastructure IEEE Micro, Chips, Systems, and Applications, Special Issue on Standards, 13 (6), pp. 36-51.
Sept. 1992   Invisible Hands and Visible Advisors: An Economic Evaluation of Network Standardization Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 43 (8), pp 538-549.
Overview and Frameworks: Convergence
1999   Industrial Convergence in (Ed) Richard Dorf, The Technology Management Handbook, CRC Press.
1997 (Tarun Khanna) What Does it Mean for Industries to Converge? in (Ed) David Yoffie, Competing in an Age of Digital Convergence., Pp. 201-226, Harvard University Press: Cambridge, MA.
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Government Procurement of Computing Equipment
Statistical Research
June 1995   Sole-Sourcing versus Competitive Bidding: U.S. Government Agencies' Procedural Choices for Mainframe Computer Procurement. Journal of Industrial Economics,XLIII (2), pp. 125-140.
Spring 1993   Did Installed Base Give an Incumbent any (Measurable) Advantages in Federal Computer Procurement? Rand Journal of Economics, 24(1), pp. 19-39.
Overview and Frameworks
Winter 1995   Lock-in and the Costs of Switching Mainframe Computer Vendors in the US Federal Government in the 1970s IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, 17(3), pp 58-66.
April 1993   Procedural Rules and Procurement Regulations: Complexity Creates Trade-offs Journal of Law, Economics, and Organizations., pp 159-180.
Fall 1990 (Luis Cabral) Switching Costs and Bidding Parity in Government Procurement of Computer Systems Journal of Law, Economics, and Organizations, 6(2), pp 453-469.
Statistical Research: Schooling markets
2002 (Tom Downes) Entry into the Schooling Market: How is the Behavior of Private Suppliers Influenced by Public Sector Decisions? Bulletin of Economic Research, 54 (4) October, pp 373-392.
Summer 1996 (Tom Downes) Understanding the Supply Decisions of Non-Profits: Modeling the Location of Private Schools Rand Journal of Economics.27 (2), pp 365-390.
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Overview and Framework: Antitrust and health markets
2002 (Cory Capps, David Dranove, Mark Satterthwaite) Antitrust Policy and Hospital Mergers: Recommendation for a New Approach Antitrust Law Bulletin. Winter. Pp. 677-714.
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Economic Theory: The incentives to innovate
May 1998 (Garey Ramey) Market Structure, Innovation, and Vertical Product Differentiation International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol 16 (3), Pp. 285-311.
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An amusing tale
Fall 1991   The Tape Story Tapestry: Historical Research in the age of Digital Technology IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, 13(3): pp 27-38
A philosophical and existential tale
Dec. 1999   Death of a Sophomore Cal Alumni Magazine, Vol 110 (3).
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