William White
William White

Professor of Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences
Professor of Operations (Courtesy)

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Mr. White is a Professor in the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois since January 1998. He received a 2004 Alumni Association Award for Excellence in Teaching. Associated Student Government named him to the faculty Honor Role in 2002 and 2008.

He teaches courses in Organizational Behavior, Entrepreneurship and General Management. White was instrumental in launching the undergraduate entrepreneurship program as well as Northwestern Student Holdings, a group of student managed businesses.

An author, his most recent book: “From Day One: CEO Advice to Launch an Extraordinary Career” is targeted to young professionals starting their careers. In addition, he writes a regular career column for the Northwestern University Alumni Association web site.

Prior to joining the university he served as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Bell & Howell Company. Earlier, Mr. White held executive positions with USG, Mead, and Hartmarx Corporations.

Mr. White is an Industrial Engineering graduate of Northwestern University and he received an MBA degree from Harvard University. He has served as a director of a number of organizations including The Reader’s Digest Association, USG Corporation, Harris Bank and Trust, Context Media Company, NorthShore University HealthSystem, the National Association of Corporate Directors and The Field Museum.

He currently serves as non-executive chairman of Context Media, Inc.

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Full-Time / Evening & Weekend MBA
The Rookie General Manager (OPNS-925-5)
This is a new 5 week version of OPNS 925-0
This course will prepare you for the excitement of being a new general manager and for the problems new managers face. The goal of the course is to have you apply many of the functional theories and leadership concepts you've learned in other courses. In addition, the course should help you develop a general framework for taking charge in new situations, as well as a personal philosophy and style of general management. Our major emphasis will be on implementing a plan, not just on analysis. You will have the opportunity to develop skills in setting priorities, integrating action programs, communicating, consensus building and intervening. NOTE: This class is restricted to second-year students.