Sangeeta Vohra
Sangeeta Vohra

Visiting Clinical Associate Professor of Executive Education

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Sangeeta Vohra is a Visiting Clinical Associate Professor of Executive Education at the Kellogg School of Management. She joined Kellogg in 2003. Her expertise lies in translating the complex technologies for business students who do not have a background in life sciences. She teaches the Science Boot Camps, a course about the science that supports the biotechnology industry. In addition, she has Saturday conferences where industry experts and academics present their views on current and future developments as well as the needs in both the products and services sector of Healthcare.

Dr. Vohra designs and directs executive programs for those in the science and technology fields. The portfolio of certificate programs include Business for Scientists, that teaches basic business skills to scientists in the life science or technology fields, Science for Managers that offers executives and managers a practical understanding of the scientific and development foundations in the life sciences. A separate program for Northwestern University faculty members, Management Skills for Innovative University Leaders introduces professors to business tools and frameworks for effective leadership. A new course Management for Scientists and Engineers, which was offered in Summer 2010, is geared towards Northwestern PhDs to equip them with the basic management skills that they need to make a difference in the marketplace — and the world. Dr Vohra is also involved in designing several customized programs.

Prior to joining Kellogg, Dr Vohra was a research scientist at the Ohio state University Biotechnology center, working on the structure-function relationship of monocyte chemotactic protein (MCP-1), an attractant and activator of monocytes that are associated with clogging of the arteries. An understanding of the structure and function of MCP-1 would lead to ways to control its level, with potentially significant impact on the treatment of atherosclerosis.

She received her BS and MS in microbiology from Punjab University, India and her Ph.D in microbiology from University of New Hampshire. She did her post doctoral fellowship at the Ohio State University.

Areas of Expertise
Science and Technology Trends (Biotechnology)

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Ph.D., 1990, Microbiology, University of New Hampshire
M.Sc., 1985, Microbiology, Punjab Agricultural University, MSc Punjab
B.Sc., 1983, Botany, Zoology and Chemistry, Government College for Women

Academic Positions
Clinical Associate Professor, Management & Strategy, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 2002-present
Research Scientist, Biotechnology Center, Ohio State University, 1993-1994
Postdoctoral fellow, Biotechnology Center, Ohio State University, 1990-1992

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Teaching Interests
Science behind the biotechnology industry; development and management of executive education programs for biomedical sector