Constantinos Skiadas
Constantinos Skiadas

Harold L. Stuart Professor of Finance
Chair of Finance Department

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Costis Skiadas is the Harold L. Stuart Professor of Finance at the Kellogg School of Management and current chair of the Finance department (a role he also served in during 2007-10). He has previously served as a member of Northwestern University's faculty senate. Skiadas has made contributions on foundational issues of choice under uncertainty, asset-pricing theory, dynamic portfolio theory, and trade under asymmetric information. His work has appeared in economics, finance, and mathematics journals, and he is the author of the book Asset Pricing TheoryHe received his PhD in Operations Research from Stanford University.

Areas of Expertise
Asset Pricing
Derivative Securities and Markets (Futures, Options, Commodities)
Equity Markets (Stock Market)
Financial Engineering
Information Economics
Investments and Portfolio Choice
Risk Management

Print Vita
PhD, 1992, Operations Research, Stanford University
MS, 1990, Operations Research, Stanford University
MS, 1987, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
BSc, 1986, Electrical Engineering, Imperial College of Science and Technology, First Class Honors

Academic Positions
Harold L. Stuart Distinguished Professor of Finance, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 2004-present
Chairman of the Finance Department, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 2007-2010
Professor of Finance, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 2002-2004
Associate Professor of Finance, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 1998-2002
Assistant Professor of Finance, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 1992-1998

Editorial Positions
Editorial Board, Mathematics and Financial Economics, 2006-present

Print Research
Research Interests
Asset pricing theory, choice under uncertainty, mathematical economics

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Working Papers
Skiadas, Constantinos. 2016. Scale or Translation Invariant Additive Preferences.
Book Chapters
Skiadas, Constantinos. 2008. "Dynamic Portfolio Theory and Risk Aversion." In Handbooks in Operations Research and Management Science: Financial Engineering, edited by J. R. Birge and V. Linetsky, vol. 15, North-Holland.
Skiadas, Constantinos. 2009. Asset Pricing Theory. Princeton University Press.

Print Teaching
Teaching Interests
Introductory finance, dynamic asset pricing theory
Full-Time / Evening & Weekend MBA
Derivative Markets I (FINC-465-0)
This course covers the use and pricing of forwards and futures, swaps and options. Specific topics include strategies for speculation and risk management, no-arbitrage pricing for forward contracts, the binomial and Black-Scholes option pricing models and applications of pricing models in other contexts.

Asset Pricing I (FINC-585-1)
A doctoral-level course that offers an in-depth introduction to competitive asset pricing theory: arbitrage pricing, equilibrium pricing and optimal consumption/portfolio choice. Models are developed for a finite information tree, but from an advanced perspective that motivates and builds intuition toward continuous-time modeling.