Yi Qian
Yi Qian

Assistant Professor of Marketing and Kraft Research Professor

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Yi Qian is Assistant Professor of Marketing and the Kraft Research Professor at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. Professor Qian’s research interests shape around marketing strategies in the context of technology advancement and international trade. She applies this knowledge to propose successful business strategies to secure brand values and Intellectual Property Rights against counterfeits, and to suggest reasonable policies in adopting technology and absorbing foreign direct investments. Prior to joining the Kellogg School, she taught courses on Advanced Econometrics and International Trade and Investments at Harvard University. At the Kellogg School, Professor Qian will teach Marketing Research.

Area of Expertise

Brands and Trademarks
Print Vita
PhD, 2006, Economics, Harvard University
AM, 2001, Statistics, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University
AB, 2001, Economics, Harvard University, Advanced Standing, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Betta Kappa

Academic Positions
Assistant Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 2006-present

Grants and Awards
Northwestern University Scholar, 2011
Best Paper Award, Journal of Marketing Science Conference, 2009
Best Paper Award, Conference on China and Finance, 2008
Citation of Excellence , Emerald Management Reviews, 2008

Editorial Positions
Co-Editor, Economics of Transition, 2012-present
Editor, (and Staff Manager) Harvard International Review, 1998-2000
Editor, (and Business Manager) Harvard China Review, 1997-1999

Print Research
Research Interests
Intellectual property rights, technology advancement and adoptions, foreign direct investment in China, education,econometrics

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Qian, Yi. Forthcoming. Brand Management and Strategies Against Counterfeits. Journal of Economics and Management Strategy.
Qian, Yi, Qiang Gong and Yuxin Chen. Forthcoming. Untangling Searchable and Experiental Quality Responses to Counterfeits. Marketing Science.
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Working Papers
Qian, Yi, and Duncan Simester. 2013. Spatial Price Discrimination.
Qian, Yi, and Duncan Simester. 2012. Multichannel Spillover Effects of a Retail Line Extension.
Qian, Yi and Chelsea Chen. 2012. Made in China or Made by China? - Explorations on What a Brand is Worth in Exporting?.
Qian, Yi, Mayukh Dass and Joseph Derby. 2012. The Role of Information Presentation in Monetization of Intellectual Property through Auctions.
Qian, Yi and Hui Xie. 2012. Investigating the Dynamic Effects of Counterfeits.
Qian, Yi and Hui Xie. 2012. More Effective Database Construction.
Qian, Yi and Hui Xie. 2012. Latent IV in Firm-heterogeneous Responses to Counterfeits.
Qian, Yi, Hui Xie, Tae Jung Yoon and Margaret Kyle. 2012. TRIPs and Pharmaceutical Availability.
Qian, Yi, and Manuel Hermosilla. 2012. Private Label Pricing: Estimating Demand with Data and Structure.
Qian, Yi, Hui Xie and Basit Zafar. 2011. The Value of Role Models.
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Qian, Yi. 2007. Pricing and Marketing Impacts of Entry by Counterfeiters and Imitators.
Khan, Zorina and Yi Qian. 2007. Legal Monopoly: Using Propensity Score to Analyze Patents and Antitrust Litigation.
Book Chapters
Huang, Yasheng and Yi Qian. 2010. "Is Entrepreneurship Missing in Shanghai?." In International Differences in Entrepreneurship, edited by Joshua Lerner and Antoinette Schoar, National Bureau of Economic Research, University of Chicago Press.
Qian, Yi. 2010. "Do Pharmaceutical Patents Encourage Global Innovation? Rethinking the Role of Patents as an Incentive for Innovation and Economic Development." edited by Alicia Loffler and Barbara Pawlikowski, Evanston, IL: Northwestern University.
Qian, Yi. 2009. "Are National Patent Laws the Blossoming Rains? Evidence from Domestic Innovation, Technology Transfers, and International Trade Post Patent Implementations from 1978-2002." In The Development Agenda: Global Intellectual Property and Developing Countries, edited by Neil Netanel., Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.
Conference Proceedings
Fink, Carsten, Keith Maskus and Yi Qian. 2010. "The Economic Effects of Counterfeiting and Piracy: a Literature Review. Advisory Committee on Enforcement, World Intellectual Property Organization.".
Qian, Yi. 2008. Joyoung Soymilk Maker: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning. Case 5-108-008 (KEL386).

Print Teaching
Teaching Interests
Marketing research, new products and services, multivariate data analysis, applied econometrics
Full-Time / Part-Time MBA
Marketing Research (MKTG-450-0)

This course counts toward the following majors: Managerial Analytics, Marketing, Marketing Management

The broad objective of this course is to provide a fundamental understanding of marketing research methods employed by well-managed firms. The course focuses on integrating problem formulation, research design, questionnaire construction, sampling, data collection and data analysis to yield the most valuable information. The course also examines the proper use of statistical applications as well as qualitative methods, with an emphasis on the interpretation and use of results.

Introduction to Applied Econometrics 1 (MKTG-476-0)
Introduction to Applied Econometrics 1