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Jakub Steiner is an Assistant Professor of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences. Prior to his appointment at Kellogg in 2009, he worked as an assistant professor at the University of Edinburgh.

Jakub completed his PhD in Economics and MA in Physics at Charles University in Prague. His research interests lie within game theory and economic theory. He studies behavior in strategic situations with a possibility of self-fulfilling prophecies, such as those that arise during currency attacks, bank runs, revolutions etc. Before his postgraduate studies, Jakub worked as a social worker for a Roma community, and since then he has been interested in economics of discrimination.

Area of Expertise

Information Economics
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PhD, 2006, Economics, CERGE, Charles University
MA, 2004, Economics, CERGE
MA, 2000, Theorhetical Physics, Charles University, with Honors

Academic Positions
Assistant Professor, Managerial Economics and Decision, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 2009-present
Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, 2006-2009

Grants and Awards
Scopus Awards Czech Republic, second place, Elsevier, one year

Print Research
Steiner, Jakub and Jozsef Sakovics. Forthcoming. Who Matters in Coordination Problems.
Steiner, Jakub and Colin Stewart. 2011. Communication, Timing, and Common Learning. Journal of Economic Theory. 146: 230-247.
Steiner, Jakub, Colin Stewart and Amil Dasgupta. 2012. Dynamic Coordination with Private Learning. Games and Economic Behavior. 74: 83-101.
Steiner, Jakub and Colin Stewart. 2008. Contagion through Learning. Theoretical Economics. 3: 431-458.
Steiner, Jakub. 2008. Coordination of Mobile Labor. Journal of Economic Theory. 139: 25-46.
Steiner, Jakub. 2008. Coordination Cycles. Games & Economic Behavior. 60: 308-327.
Steiner, Jakub and Dirk Engelmann. 2007. The Effects of Risk Aversion in Mixed-Strategy Equilibria of 2x2 Games. Games & Economic Behavior. 60: 381-388.
Steiner, Jakub. 2007. A Trace of Anger is Enough: On the Enforcement of Social Norms. Economics Bulletin. 8
Steiner, Jakub, Miroslav Kotrla and Frantisek Slanina. 2002. Dynamic Scaling and Universality in Evolution of Fluctuating Random Networks. Europhysics Letters (EPL). 60
Working Papers
Steiner, Jakub and Eugen Kovac. 2012. Reversibility in Dynamic Coordination Problems.
Steiner, Jakub and Colin Stewart. 2012. Influential Opinion Leaders.
Steiner, Jakub and Colin Stewart. 2012. Price Distortion with High-Frequency Trading.
Steiner, Jakub and Laurent Mathevet. 2012. Sand in the Wheels: A Global Game Perspective.

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