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Anup Srivastava is a Donald P. Jacobs Scholar in Accounting Information and Management. He earned his PhD in Accounting from Texas A&M University, MBA from Delhi University, and BTech from IIT Delhi. Anup’s research focuses on the financial reporting area. His current research interests include revenue recognition, accounting conservatism, disclosures, and executive compensation.

Prior to joining academia, Anup worked for over 12 years in accounting, finance, and business strategy functions, at ICICI Bank (second largest bank in India), Aditya Birla group (large industrial conglomerate based in South and South-East Asia), (an internet startup), and Usha Communications (a telecom software firm). Anup has worked in Mumbai (India), London (U.K.), and both east-coast and west-coast cities of the United States. While working in India, he was credited with spearheading two large cross-border M&A transactions and co-authoring India’s corporate governance code.

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Ph.D., 2008, Accounting, Mays Business School, Texas A&M university
MBA, 1990, Finance, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi
B.Tech, 1988, Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology

Academic Positions
Assistant Professor, Accounting Information & Management Department, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 2008-present

Other Professional Experience
Secretary and Treasurer, Usha Communications Technology, 2000-2003
Director (Finance),, 2000-2000
Vice President, Aditya Birla Group, 1996-2000
Associate Vice President, ICICI Bank, 1990-1996

Grants and Awards
Lawrence Revsine Research Fellowship, Kellogg School of Management
Doctoral Consortium Fellow, American Accounting Association, 2006
Dean's Scholarship for Meritorious Performance, Mays Business School
Regents' Scholarship , Texas A&M University -2003-2008
Deloitte Foundation Doctoral Fellowship, Deloitte Foundation
Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching, Mays Business School
Dean's Award for Excellence in Research, Mays Business School
National Talent Search Scholarship, Government of India

Conference Presentations
Center for Accounting and Research Conference
Journal of Accounting & Economics Conference
Journal of Accounting Research Conference
Contemporary Accounting Research Conference
Annual Meetings of The American Accounting Association
Mid-year meetings of The Financial Accounting Research Section
Mid-year Meetings of The Management Accounting Section
Lone Star Conference
Conference on Financial Economics and Accounting
Invited Presentation at University of Arizona
Invited Presentation at University of Chicago
Invited Presentation at Duke University
Invited Presentation, Florida Atlantic University
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology , Accounting Symposium
Invited Presentation at University of Illinois (Chicago)
Invited Presentation at Indian School of Business (India)
Invited Presentation at Michigan State University
Invited Presentation, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
Invited Presentation at New York University
Invited Presentation at University of North Carolina
Invited Participant , New York University Summer Camp
Invited Presentation at Northwestern University
Invited Presentation at Notre Dame University
Penn State Accounting Conference
Invited Presentation at Pennsylvania State University
Invited Presentation at University of Texas (Austin)
Invited Presentation at Texas A&M University
Invited Presentation, Tilburg University

Print Research
Research Interests
Management, executive compensation, accounting conservatism, revenue recognition

Srivastava, Anup. Forthcoming. Seemingly opportunistic management earnings guidance before stock option grants: does it misrepresent firms' underlying performance?. Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics.
Srivastava, Anup. Forthcoming. Selling-price estimates in revenue recognition and earnings informativeness. Review of Accounting Studies.
Srivastava, Anup. Forthcoming. Why have the measures of earnings quality changed over time?. Journal of Accounting and Economics.
Srivastava, Anup. 2013. Do CEOs possess any extraordinary ability? Can those abilities justify large CEO pay?. Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics. 20(4): 349-384.
McAnally, Mary Lea, Anup Srivastava and Connie Weaver. 2008. Executive stock options, missed earnings targets and earnings management. The Accounting Review. 83(1): 185-216.
Efendi, Jap, Anup Srivastava and Edward P. Swanson. 2007. Why do corporate managers misstate financial statements? The role of in-the-money options and other incentives. Journal of Financial Economics. 85(3): 667-708.
Working Papers
Srivastava, Anup. 2014. Are all independent directors created equal? Do there professional backgrounds influence firms financial disclosures.
Srivastava, AnupDaniel Aobdia and Erqiu Wang. 2014. The Role of Immigration in Large Public Accounting Firms.
Srivastava, Anup. 2013. Why are new cohorts of listed firms riskier than previous new-list cohorts?.
Srivastava, Anup, J Hong and J B Kim. 2013. Divergence between voting and cash flow rights, information opacity, and mispricing of dual-class equity shares..
Srivastava, Anup. 2012. Investments in Non-R&D Intangible Capital.
Srivastava, Anup and Senyo Tse. 2011. Gains Conservatism – An ignored topic in accounting research.

Print Teaching
Teaching Interests
Financial accounting, financial statements analysis