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Danielle Li is an Assistant Professor of Management and Strategy. Her research focuses on productivity in settings where talent and innovation are important--how do organizations identify the best projects and retain the best people? Her recent work has examined these issues in the context of funding for biomedical research and the labor market for school educators.

Professor Li graduated from Harvard College and worked at the Poverty Action Lab in Udaipur, India prior to earning her Ph.D. in Economics from MIT. She joined the faculty of Kellogg in 2012 and teaches the core strategy course.

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Ph.D, 2012, Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
A.B., 2005, Mathematics and History of Science, Harvard University

Academic Positions
Assistant Professor, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 2012-present

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Research Interests

Labor Economics, The Economics of Ideas and Innovation, Organizational Economics, Personnel Economics, Public Finance

Working Papers
Azoulay, Pierre, Joshua Graff-Zivin, Danielle Li and Bhaven Sampat. 2014. "Public R&D Investments and Private Sector Patenting: Evidence from NIH Funding Rules".
Li, Danielle. 2012. "Expertise vs. Bias in Evaluation: Evidence from the NIH".
Li, Danielle. 2012. "Gender Bias in NIH Grant Review: Does it Exist and Does it Matter?".
Li, Danielle. 2011. "School Accountability and Principal Mobility: How No Child Left Behind Affects the Allocation of School Leaders".
Dynarski, Susan, Jonathan Gruber and Danielle Li. 2011. "Cheaper By the Dozen: Using Sibling Discounts at Catholic Schools to Estimate the Price Elasticity of Private School Attendance".
Li, Danielle. 2014. "Productivity, Turnover, and Wage Flexibility in Recessions" (work in progress with Alan Benson and Kelly Shue).
Li, Danielle. "When Good Tournaments Make Bad Matches: Evidence on the 'Peter principle' in Sales" (work in progress with Alan Benson and Kelly Shue).
Li, Danielle. "What Do High-Skill Workers Do When Their Skills Become Obsolete: Evidence from Genomics" (work in progress with Pian Shu).
Li, Danielle. 2014. "Discretion in Hiring" (work in progress with Mitch Hoffman and Lisa Kahn).
Li, Danielle. "Committee Organization and Decision-Making: Evidence from the NIH" (work in progress with Mitch Hoffman).

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Teaching Interests
Business Strategy