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William Lear is the President and Chief Corporate Officer of Athena Financial Services, a holding company which provides a full range of back office services to emerging growth companies.  Athena’s Business Consulting division organizes a customized set of disciplines for any given enterprise on an FTE basis thus enabling the inventor to keep inventing instead of having to worry about how to manage his business.  Branded Athena affiliates include law, accounting, insurance, human resources, technology, energy efficiency, real estate, temporary CEO, CFO, CIOs, executive search, telecommunications, web-site development, international intellectual property, media support, business plan generation and even grant applications.

Athena does not raise capital, but greatly facilitates doing so by providing every service necessary to turn a great technology into a great company on a far more cost-effective basis than the principals can possibly achieve on their own.  Modest equity positions are taken in companies which do receive funding; client companies with comparable technologies, such as alternative energy, are also grouped for efficiency and additional benefit by prioritizing their prospective relationships through multiple application intersects.

Prior to this position, Mr. Lear was a co-founder and Managing Director of The Chicago Corporation, a recently formed investment banking firm and successor-in-name to a 2,000 employee company which was sold to ABN-Amro in 1997 for $200,000,000.  He continues as a Senior Advisory with TCC as well as serving on the Boards of Geonostics, Pinpoint Communications and The Conservation Center.

He is a graduate of Yale and Harvard Business School and spent more than twenty years of service prior to his current position at The First National Bank of Chicago and as Managing Director of a predecessor investment bank to TCC.  He, his wife and 13 year old daughter live in downtown Chicago.  

Contact information:;  312 283-0821(o) 

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