Kevin Murnane
Kevin Murnane

Adjunct Lecturer of MBA Leadership Coaching

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Kevin Murnane has more than 20 years of experience in Human Resource executive coaching, change management consulting, competency-based training, teaching, marketing, entrepreneurial software start-ups, marketing and business development. He currently consults on projects ranging from executive competency development for succession management to action learning to drive culture change. He was SVP and Director of two HR software startups and expansions. Kevin is an eight-year veteran of Development Dimensions International (DDI), where he was a senior selection specialist and start-up team leader. Kevin has designed and taught classes at Northwestern programs in Strategy Execution, Consulting Skills, Redefining Organizations, and Energizing People during Change. Kevin consults and teaches at Kellogg Graduate School of Management, where he helped design the first Leadership Coaching Class for MBAs and Executive Education. Kevin is the founder of the firm Behtrics, Inc. 

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M.B.A., 1982, Marketing, Finance, Not-For-Profit Management, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
B.S., 1979, Commerce, University of Illinois

Academic Positions
Adjunct Professor and Lecturer, Kellogg School of Management, MSLOC, Industrial Engineering, Education, Northwestern University, 2006-present

Other Professional Experience
Founder, Behtrics LLC, 2002-present
Senior Consultant, Interaction Associates, 2005-2007
Senior Selection Specialist, Team Leader, Development Dimensions International, 1994-2002
Regional Vice President, The Executive Technique, 1989-1994
Account Supervisor, Young & Rubicam, J. Walter Thompson, Doyle Dane Bernbach, 1982-1989

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Full-Time / Evening & Weekend MBA
Personal Leadership Insights (KACI-461-5)
This course was formerly known as MORS 935-C
This course is a unique opportunity for students who are highly motivated and committed to their personal development and growth as a leader. You will partner with a faculty member and Kellogg Leadership Coach who will lead a small group of students through a series of assignments that will help you increase self-awareness and gain clarity about your unique leadership skills, values, strengths and limitations. Classes will meet weekly for 90 minutes. Each class will consist of group discussions and peer coaching exercises around self-reflective assignments that you must prepare prior to class. In addition, you will meet one-on-one with your Kellogg Leadership Coach for two personalized, 45-minute coaching sessions during the quarter. Due to the self-reflective nature of the course, you will not receive a letter grade, but rather “Pass/No Credit” on your transcript for 0.5 credits. The “Pass” designation will be given if you meet the following requirements: 100% attendance (with no exceptions); on time completion of all assignments; honoring the confidential information of others in the group; and preparation and active engagement in all group coaching sessions.
Please note that the 100% attendance policy is non-negotiable across all sections and instructors. Only bid on a section for which you are sure you can attend every class session. Review the abbreviated syllabus for that section to confirm the precise meeting dates.