Michael Moore
Michael Moore

Senior Lecturer of Strategy

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Dr. Moore was previously a professor at the Darden Graduate School of Business and the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy at the University of Virginia, where also held appointments in the Department of Economics, Law School, and UVA Medical Center.  His teaching responsibilities included  courses in econometrics, statistics, law and economics, antitrust policy, health care strategy,  cost-benefit analysis, and price theory. He has also held positions at Duke University and the University of Chicago, among others. His published research covers a number of topics, including occupational safety, insurance, health economics, industrial organization, regulation and antitrust, product liability, product safety, and asset pricing. Dr. Moore has won several awards for this research, including the inaugural Kenneth Arrow Award in health economics and the Kulp-Wright Award for best book in the fields of risk and insurance.

Dr. Moore also has broad private sector expertise in applied econometrics and microeconomics. He has testified extensively in front of judges and juries at all stages of the litigation process, in cases involving antitrust issues, commercial damages, corporate finance, tax concerns, and health, safety, and the environment. He has prepared reports and delivered testimony on issues related to class certification, liability, and damages in a wide range of cases.

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Research Interests
Antitrust Econometrics and Policy, Health Economics and Policy

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Book Chapters
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