Prof Lakshman Krishnamurthi
Lakshman Krishnamurthi

A. Montgomery Ward Professor of Marketing

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Lakshman Krishnamurthi is the A. Montgomery Ward Distinguished Professor of Marketing. He has been a faculty at Kellogg from 1980 -88, and from 1990 to the present. He has degrees in engineering from IIT, Madras, an MBA from LSU, and an MS in statistics as well as a Ph.D. in marketing from Stanford University. He served as the chairman of the marketing department from 1993-2004.

At Kellogg, Professor Krishnamurthi teaches Marketing Strategy & Pricing in a variety of programs. Professor Krishnamurthi serves as the Academic Director of the executive program on Pricing Strategies & Tactics, a position he has held since 1995. In addition, he teaches a multivariate statistics course in the Ph.D. program. He was voted “teacher of the year” for core courses in the Kellogg Executive MBA Program (EMP 63), 2006, voted “teacher of the year” by the second graduating class of the joint Kellogg-HKUST Executive Master’s program in 2000, and was a finalist for the award in 2002. He received the Sidney Levy award for teaching excellence in the MBA program at Kellogg in 1999, 2001, 2003, 2007 and 2011, and has been awarded several other teaching commendations.

Professor Krishnamurthi has also won many awards for his research publications including the Paul Green award and the Donald Lehmann award for best paper in the Journal of Marketing Research; the John D.C. Little award for best paper in Marketing Science; and was a finalist for the William O'Dell Award from the American Marketing Association. He serves on the editorial board of Marketing Science and the Journal of Marketing Research. He is a member of the Institute of Management Sciences and the American Marketing Association.

In addition to his teaching and research activity, Professor Krishnamurthi has consulted for Medtronic, Motion Computing, Intersil, Harcourt Publishing, Accelrys, ZS Associates, Chicago Tribune, and several others. He has also conducted executive education seminars for Siemens Health Care Diagnostics, DuPont, Microsoft, Abbott, ExxonMobil, Johnson & Johnson (Ethicon, Ethicon Endo, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, ASP), ThyssenKrupp Elevators, British Petroleum, Ford Motors, Merck KgaA, Novartis, Wolters Kluwer, Honeywell, Seminarium (Latin America), Peninsula Hotels, Chicago Tribune, Motorola, and others

Professor Krishnamurthi is the co-author of a book on pricing titled Principles of Pricing: An Analytical Approach with Professor Rakesh Vohra, published by Cambridge University Press. He is working on another book titled China and India: An Asian Century (with Sugandha Khandelwal and Yuxin Chen) comparing marketing practices in key industry segments in China and India.

Areas of Expertise
Brand Management
Business to Business Markets
International Marketing
Marketing Management
Marketing Research
Marketing Strategy/Planning/Policy
New Product Development

Print Vita
PhD, 1981, Marketing, Stanford University
MS, 1980, Statistics, Stanford University
MBA, 1977, Louisiana State University
BS, 1975, Electronics Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Academic Positions
A. Montogmery Ward Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 1992-present
Chairman of Marketing Department, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 1993-2004
Associate Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 1990-1992
Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Illinois Chicago, 1989-1990
Visiting Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Illinois Chicago, 1988-1989
Associate Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 1987-1988
Assistant Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 1980-1987

Grants and Awards
Sidney J. Levy Teaching Award, Kellogg School of Management, 2010-2011, 2006-2007, 2003-2004, 2000-2001, 1998-1999

Editorial Positions
Editorial Board Member, Marketing Science
Editorial Board Member, Journal of Marketing Research
Ad-hoc Reviewer, International Journal of Research in Marketing

Print Research
Research Interests
Impact of price and advertising on consumer purchase decisions, new product strategy, competitive strategy, application of conjoint analysis

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Working Papers
Krishnamurthy, Anup, Lakshman Krishnamurthi and Shyam Gopinath. 2014. Public versus Private Brand Identification: The Allure and Hindrance of Spreading Word-of-Mouth.
Wang, Rebecca Jen-Hui, Edward Malthouse and Lakshman Krishnamurthi. 2014. Shopping On the Go: How Mobile Usage Affects Customer Purchase Behaviors.
Book Chapters
Krishnamurthi, Lakshman. 2012. "Evaluation of Simulation Research by Philip Kotler." In Volume 2: Analytical Marketing, Sage Publications.
Krishnamurthi, Lakshman and Shyam Gopinath. 2010. "The New Influence of Social Media." In Kellogg on Marketing, 2nd ed., edited by Alice Tybout and Bobby Calder, 307-318. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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Print Teaching
Full-Time / Part-Time MBA
Marketing Strategy (MKTG-466-0)

This course counts toward the following majors: Marketing, Marketing Management

This course presents an integrative, dynamic view of competitive brand strategy. It focuses on understanding, developing and evaluating brand strategies over the life of a product market. A framework for developing marketing strategies that yield a distinctive competitive advantage based on customer and competitor analysis will be presented and applied in various situations throughout the course. Topics include strategies for pioneering brands, strategies for late entry, growth strategies, strategies for mature and declining markets, and defensive marketing strategies. Material is presented using a mix of cases, lectures and a computer simulation game called MARKSTRAT.

Marketing Models: Statistical Modeling (MKTG-552-0)
This is a doctoral course on statistical models suitable for Kellogg PhD students as well as PhD students from related fields such as statistics, economics, and engineering. The course is taught in the spring and topics alternate from year to year. Currently, in odd years the course is on Bayesian methods and computation and covers simple parametric models, regression models, hierarchical models, mixture models, optimization algorithms, Monte Carlo simulation algorithms, model checking, nonparametric models, and hidden Markov models while in even years the course is on applied and computational statistics and covers statistical graphics and exploratory data analysis, permutation tests, null tests, the bootstrap, smoothing, cross-validation, tree-based and linear regression, model selection, bagging, principal components analysis, and cluster analysis. Marketing applications include but are not limited to conjoint analysis, choice models, data minimization, perceptual maps, etc.

Executive MBA
Marketing Management (MKTGX-430-0)
Marketing Management addresses the importance of companies being market-driven and customer-focused and presents current theories and practices of marketing management.

Marketing Strategy (MKTGX-466-0)
The goal of this course is to enhance your knowledge of marketing strategy. Specifically, this course aims to introduce the key elements of marketing strategy, provide a sound framework for problem analysis and action planning, and sharpen your leadership, analytical, and communication skills.

Executive Education
Customer Insight Tools: Turning Insight into Effective Marketing Strategies
Learn practical tools for uncovering and leveraging customer insights to create powerful marketing strategies. Infused with the right blend of qualitative and quantitative tools, this interactive program will prepare you to use customer insights to build strong marketing plans and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.
View Program

Innovating New Products and Services
Big ideas are just the beginning. To maximize the power of innovation, organizations must also implement the right strategy, design, development, marketing and more. This program will show you how. From market entry and positioning strategies to motivating team performance, learn new techniques for creating an innovation mindset and move your big ideas from concept to market and beyond.
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