Robert Knuepfer
Robert Knuepfer

Adjunct Professor of Finance

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Mr. Knuepfer is a partner in the Corporate & Securities Practice Group in the Chicago Office. He is the past Chair of the firm’s Europe & Middle East Practice Group, and former Managing Partner of the Budapest Office of Baker & McKenzie. Prior to joining Baker & McKenzie, he served as law clerk to a judge on the federal appellate court in Chicago, and later as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Chicago.

He received his JD (law review) and MBA from Northwestern University, and a BA degree from Denison University (Phi Beta Kappa).
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Full-Time / Part-Time MBA
Major Project and Project Finance in Emerging Markets (FINC-918-A)

This course counts toward the following majors: Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Finance, International Business

This five-week course explores the world of major projects and project finance through actual experiences of financial institutions and private equity investors. Major projects include airports, pipelines, tollways and other infrastructure projects, which are analyzed with particular emphasis on emerging markets. Major projects often involve participation with international financial institutions such as OPIC, EBRD and IFC, as well as consortia of international banks and investment banks in cooperation with local governments. The course also explores financing of these projects through combinations of private and public debt, and private and public equity investments. The course also analyzes the development and operation of a major project using the standard model of build, operate and transfer (BOT).