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Mark Jeffery

Adjunct Professor of Executive Education

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Mark Jeffery is Adjunct Professor of Executive Education at the Kellogg School of Management. His research, teaching, and consulting focuses on enterprise performance management, unlocking business value from marketing and IT, and customer relationship management (CRM) strategy and execution. Mark has an active research program at Kellogg and has recently surveyed 252 Fortune 1000 firms on strategic marketing performance management, capturing $53 billion of marketing spend. He has also previously surveyed 179 Fortune 1000 firms and 44 Federal Government agencies on IT management best practices, capturing $70 billion of IT spend.

Mark directs multiple Kellogg executive programs including Managing Customer Relationships for Profit and Creating Strategic Value Through IT. He also teaches the Kellogg executive MBA course Strategic Data Driven Marketing, and in custom executive programs at organizations including Microsoft, DuPont, Sony, Nissan, and Phillips. In 2008 Mark launched the Kellogg Technology Network, an intense knowledge sharing forum for CIO/CTO and VP level executives.

He has more than 30 publications in scientific and technology journals, and three book chapters including the chapter on return on investment analysis in the forthcoming Wiley 2008 Handbook of Technology Management. Mark has also developed 22 original case studies distributed through Harvard Case Publishing. His most recent academic research publications are on the value of flexibility and using real options for enterprise technology project risk management.

Consulting clients include Microsoft, Intel, Waste Management, Teradata, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, AAA Northern California, CCCIS, US. Department of Veterans Affairs, and the US.Navy e-Business Operations Office.

He holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Drexel University (1991) and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management (2001).

Areas of Expertise
Information Systems
Information Technology
Portfolio Management
Technology Infrastructure
Print Vita
MBA, 2001, Northwestern University
PhD, 1991, Theoretical Physics, Drexel University
MS, 1989, Theoretical Physics, Drexel University
BS, 1988, Theoretical Physics, Drexel University

Conference Presentations
McGraw Hill Companies Key Leader Briefing, New York, NY, "Bridging the IT-Business Divide," March 2009
DoD/VA Interagency Program Meeting Keynote Speaker, Washington DC, "Strategic IT Management: Challenges and Opportunities," May 2010
Society for Information Management, Phoenix, AZ, "Transformational IT: The Five Secrets of CIO Leaders in Difficult Times," April 2011
Dow Chemical Senior Leadership Summit, Dusseldorf, Germany, "Transformational Marketing: Leveraging Marketing to Drive Profitable Growth and Create a Strategic Advantage," November 2010

Print Research
Research Interests
Strategies and best practices of incorporating e-business technology in established corporations,developing metrics for measuring the value of technology investments

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Reprinted in:
Sloan Management Review, 2004.
Working Papers
Jeffery, Mark, Saurabh Mishra and Alexander Krasnikov. 2008. Firm Marketing Strategy Implementation Capability: The Construct, Link to Firm Performance, and the Role of Technology.
Book Chapters
Gershbeyn, Alex, Mark Jeffery and Derek Yung. Forthcoming. "Case - A&D High Tech Case B: Managing Scope Change.".
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Print Teaching
Teaching Interests
Foundations of technology and information management, and technology portfolio management
Full-Time / Part-Time MBA
Enterprise Technology Management (OPNS-458-A)
This course gives managers essential skills for executive oversight of enterprise technology, which is a significant component of practically all business initiatives. Topics covered include return on investment for e-business projects, enterprise resource planning deployment best practices, customer relationship management, enterprise data warehousing, analytic marketing, strategic outsourcing, project and program management, risk management, and strategic alignment of information technology through IT portfolio management. Lectures are complemented by real-life case discussions of strategic and management issues for enterprise technology and include cases on leading technology companies such as Google, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle and