Adyita Jain
Aditya Jain

Visiting Assistant Professor of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences

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Aditya Jain is Visiting Assistant Professor of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences. His research interests include retail operations, services operations and supply chain management. He serves as a scientific advisor to Bravo Lucy AS, a start-up specializing in retail analytics, which he also co-founded. Prior to his Kellogg appointment, Aditya obtained PhD in Operations Management from the Simon School of Business at University of Rochester, and served as a faculty member at Indian School of Business (Hyderabad, India).

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Ph.D. , 2006, Operations Management, W.E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Rochester
M.S., 2003, Management Science, W.E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Rochester
B. Tech, 1999, Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay, Indian Institute of Technology

Academic Positions
Assistant Professor, Indian School of Business, 2006-present

Other Professional Experience
Founder and Scientific Advisor, Bravo Lucy, AS, 2009-present
Programmer, Geometric Software Solution, Ltd., 2001-2001
Engineer in Supply Chain Management, Tata Auto Component Systems, 1999-2000

Print Research
Jain, Aditya, Sridhar Seshadri and Milind Sohoni. 2011. Differential Pricing Mechanism for Vertical Information Sharing under Horizontal Competition. Production and Operations Management. 20(2): 235-252.
Groenevelt, Harry, Aditya Jain and Nils Rudi. 2011. Periodic Review Inventory Management with Contingent Use of Two Freight Modes with Fixed Costs. Naval Research Logistics Quarterly . 58(4): 400-409.
Groenevelt, Harry, Aditya Jain and Nils Rudi. 2010. Continuous Review Inventory Model with Dynamic Use of Two Freight Modes with Fixed Costs. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (M&SOM) . 12(1): 120-139.
Working Papers
Jain, Aditya and Milind Sohoni. Concealing Information In the Presence of Common Suppliers.
Jain, Aditya, Ashish Kabra and Nils Rudi. New Product Introductions: Improving Demand Information and Supply Responsiveness.
Jain, Aditya, Amit Mehra and Rajib Saha. Economics of Beta Software.
Jain, Aditya and Ram Bala. Focused vs Cost Efficient: Service Strategy for a Vertically Differentiated Product Line.
Jain, Aditya. Responding to Shipment Delays: The Roles of Operational Flexibility & Lead-time Visibility.
Deo, Sarang and Aditya Jain. Capacity allocation between appointments and walk-ins with endogenous patient choice.
Deo, Sarang and Aditya Jain. Efficiency in a high volume, knowledge intensive service in a non-stationary environment.
Jain, Aditya, Nils Rudi and Tong Wang. Demand Estimation and Ordering under Censoring: Stock-out timing is (almost) all you need.
Chopra, Sunil and Aditya Jain. "An On-Offline Revolution." The Economic Times, August 13.

Print Teaching
Full-Time / Part-Time MBA
Operations Management (OPNS-430-0)
1Ys: This course is typically waived through the admissions process or the equivalent course Operations Management (Turbo) (OPNS-438A) was completed during the Summer term. MMMs: This course is equivalent to the MMM core course Designing and Managing Business Processes (OPNS-440) Operations management is the management of business processes--that is, the management of the recurring activities of a firm. This course aims to familiarize students with the problems and issues confronting operations managers, and to provide the language, concepts, insights and tools to deal with these issues to gain competitive advantage through operations. We examine how different business strategies require different business processes and how different operational capabilities allow and support different strategies to gain competitive advantage. A process view of operations is used to analyze different key operational dimensions such as capacity management, cycle time management, supply chain and logistics management, and quality management. Finally, we connect to recent developments such as lean or world-class manufacturing, just-in-time operations, time-based competition and business re-engineering.

Operations Strategy (OPNS-454-0)
In this course, students learn how operations strategy can add value by tailoring a set of core principles to a specific business setting. The course provides a framework to formulate an operations strategy and analyze, value, and optimize the key decisions involved in operations strategy. The key evaluation metric is how operations strategy impacts the net present value of the firm. The key decisions studied are choosing competitive operational competencies and benchmarking; capacity expansion, timing, flexibility and location; sourcing and contracting; risk management and operational hedging; revenue management; improvement and learning. This course builds on the core operations class. Students should also be familiar with the basics of finance, economics and strategy, as the strategic decisions studied in this course require a detailed analysis and understanding of the underlying operations. Thus this course has a greater amount of concreteness and detail than a competitive strategy class, and uses a combination of in-depth case analysis, mini-lectures, presentations and qualitative discussions of other examples. The course is intended for students interested in operations and supply chain management, general management, or management consulting.