Danqi Hu
Danqi Hu

Assistant Professor of Accounting Information & Management

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Danqi Hu is an Assistant professor in the Accounting Information and Management department. Her research focuses on whether and how increasing the public availability of trading data in the market place affects firms' voluntary disclosure and firm transparency. She also develops a measure, based on research in computer science, that can determine the specificity level of any qualitative disclosure to assess the disclosure quality. Danqi holds a PhD in Management from the University of Toronto and a Master of Finance from Peking University.

Areas of Expertise
Financial Disclosure/Statements

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PhD, 2016, Accounting, University of Toronto
M.A., 2012, Finance, Peking University
B.A., 2009, Financial Engineering, Wuhan University

Academic Positions
Teaching Assistant, MBA, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, 2015-2015
Instructor, Undergraduate Program, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, 2015-2015
Teaching Assistant, Undergraduate, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, 2013-2013

Honors and Awards
AAA/Grant Thornton Doctoral Dissertation Award, 2016

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Research Interests

Voluntary Disclosure, the Effect of Market Transparency on Firm-level Transparency and Firm Real Activities, the Role of Short Sellers, Auditing

Hope, Ole-Kristian, Danqi Hu and Hai Lu. 2016. The Benefits of Specific Risk-Factor Disclosures. Review of Accounting Studies.
Hope, Ole-Kristian, Danqi Hu and Wuyang Zhao. 2016. Third-Party Consequences of Short-Selling Threats: The Case of Auditor Behavior. Journal of Accounting and Economics.
Working Papers
Hu, Danqi. 2017. Does the Public Availability of Market Participants' Trading Data Affect Firm Disclosure? Evidence from Short Sellers.

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Full-Time / Evening & Weekend MBA
Accounting For Decision Making (ACCT-430-0)
This course acquaints students with the process used to construct and understand the financial reports of organizations. The objective is to understand the decisions that must be made in the financial reporting process and to develop the ability to evaluate and use accounting data. Emphasis is placed on understanding the breadth of accounting measurement practices and on being able to make the adjustments necessary for careful analysis. The course highlights the linkages between accounting information and management planning, and decision making and control. Course sections that end in "H" will be taught in a format that combines the convenience and flexibility of online learning with the social and instructional benefits of face-to-face classroom experiences. Online sessions are conducted synchronously with classmates and faculty.

Prior to beginning ACCT 430, students are required to complete a prep course based on their specific academic program.

Evening and Weekend Students are required to complete this Accounting Essentials Prep Course

1Y and MMM students are required to complete this Accounting Essentials Prep Course

2Y students are required to complete this Accounting Essentials Prep Course