Jason Hartline
Jason Hartline

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, McCormick School of Engineering
Associate Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences (Courtesy)

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Prof. Hartline is on sabbatical at Harvard Economics and Computer Science Departments for the 2014 calendar year (January 2014-December 2014).

Prof. Hartline's research introduces design and analysis methodologies from computer science to understand and improve outcomes of economic systems. Optimal behavior and outcomes in complex environments are complex and, therefore, should not be expected; instead, the theory of approximation can show that simple and natural behaviors are approximately optimal in complex environments. This approach is applied to auction theory and mechanism design in his graduate textbook Mechanism Design and Approximation which is under preparation.

Prof. Hartline received his Ph.D. in 2003 from the University of Washington under the supervision of Anna Karlin. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Carnegie Mellon University under the supervision of Avrim Blum; and subsequently a researcher at Microsoft Research in Silicon Valley. He joined Northwestern University in 2008 where he is an associate professor of computer science. He is currently on sabbatical at Harvard University. 

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Ph.D., 2003, Computer Science, University of Washington
M.S., 2000, Computer Science, University of Washington
B.S., 1997, Electrical Engineering, Cornell University
B.S., 1997, Computer Science, Cornell University

Academic Positions
Associate Professor, EECS, Northwestern University, 2012-present
Assistant Professor, McCormick School of Engineering, Kellogg School of Management (courtesy), Northwestern University, 2008-2012
Researcher, Microsoft Research, 2004-2007
Post-doctoral Research Fellow, ALADDIN, Carnegie Mellon Univsersity, 2003-2003

Other Professional Experience
Researcher, Microsoft Research, 2004-2007

Print Research
Hartline, Jason. 2013. Mechanism Design via Consensus Estimates, Cross Checking, and Profit Extraction. Transactions on Economics and Computation.
Hartline, Jason. 2012. Bayesian Mechanism Design. Foundations and Trends in Theoretical Computer Science.
Hartline, Jason. 2012. Approximation in Mechanism Design. American Economic Review.
Hartline, Jason, Nicole Immorlica and Madhu Sudan. 2010. Derandomization of Auctions. Games and Economic Behavior.
Hartline, Jason and John Wilkes. 2010. Algorithms for Data Migration. Algorithmica.
Hartline, Jason and Yishay Mansour. 2008. Reducing Mechanism Design to Algorithm Design via Machine Learning. Journal of Computer and System Sciences.
Hartline, Jason and Andrew Wright. 2006. Competitive Auctions. Games and Economic Behavior.
Hartline, Jason and Emily Rocke. 2005. Characterizing History Independent Data Structures. Algorithmica.

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