Joseph Hannigan
Joseph Hannigan

Adjunct Professor of Executive Education

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Joseph F. (Joe) Hannigan has served on two corporate executive committees, undertaken a sabbatical assignment as Special Advisor to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III, and taught MBA classes for hundreds of experienced professionals and managers. Those are just a few of many experiences that inform his thinking about leadership. In the ten years prior to his retirement from administrative duties in 2012, Joe served Northwestern University as Director of Executive Education at both the Kellogg School of Management and the School of Law.

Hannigan has been interviewed on the topic of leadership development by U.S. News and World Report, Forbes, London's Financial Times, Russia's business newspaper Vedomosti, the Chicago Tribune, Crain's Chicago Business and the Los Angeles Times. He has designed, led delivery of, and taught in varied programs for corporate executives and boards of directors, prestigious law firms, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Joe's career has included over twenty years in corporate roles in Human Resources, Training and Development, and Customer Relations. He has served on executive teams at the Division and Group levels and has overseen succession planning for a Fortune International 300 company. As a corporate head of executive education, Joe worked with Kellogg faculty to develop an intense custom program that a thirty year veteran IBM executive called "the best program of its kind I've ever attended."

Joe serves on the FBI National Academy Advisory Board. He previously served on the Board of Directors of the Human Resource Management Association of Chicago (HRMAC) and on the Workforce Chicago 2.0 Task Force. He has received a graduate school Teaching Excellence award and was named to the Human Resource Planning Society's "Those Who Can" HR executives list. Joe hosted a cable television interview program called "Collage" and served as producer and moderator of a videotaped panel discussion on the theme of acquiring and retaining highly mobile talent.

Prior to his corporate roles in publicly and privately held industry leaders, he headed teacher education at Niagara University. He has taught supervisors, managers, and executives of publicly and privately held corporations while serving as a corporate trainer, manager, executive, and university educator.

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