Erika Hall
Erika Hall

Adjunct Lecturer of Management & Organizations

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Erika Hall is a lecturer in the Department of Management and Organizations. Prior to Kellogg, Professor Hall was a Research Associate at Harvard Business School. Her research focuses on implicit perceptions of femininity and masculinity in the workplace. Further, Professor Hall looks at how leaders with multiple minority identities are perceived in teams and organizations.

Professor Hall’s work has appeared in academic journals such as Psychological Science and Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, and media outlets such as The New York Times.  Her research was awarded to be featured in the “Best Paper Proceedings” by the Gender, Diversity, and Organizations division at the Academy of Management 2012 conference. Professor Hall’s papers have been presented both domestically and internationally at the Academy of Management, International Association for Conflict Management, Society for Personality and Social Psychology, and Association of Psychological Science conferences. She is a member of the Academy of Management, International Association for Conflict Management and Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

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Ph.D (expected), 2014, Management & Organizations, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
M.A., 2012, Management & Organizations, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
Bachelor of Science, 2007, Finance, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

Other Professional Experience
Research Associate to Mukti Khaire and Edward Riedl, Harvard University, 2007-2009

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Research Interests

Leadership and hiring perceptions; stereotyping and stigma; gender; race; diversity; negotiations

Hall, Erika and Robert Livingston. 2012. The hubris penalty: Biased responses to "Celebration" displays of black football players. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. 48: 899-904.
Galinsky, Adam, Erika Hall and Amy Cuddy. Gendered races: Implications for interracial marriage, leadership selection, and athletic participation. Psychological Science. 24(4): 498-506.

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Teaching Interests

Leadership; Teams and groups; Managing workforce diversity; Prejudice and discrimination

Full-Time / Part-Time MBA
Leading and Managing Teams (MORS-460-0)

This course counts toward the following majors: Human Resource Management, Management & Organizations.

This is a course about teams: How to lead a team, encourage creativity, ensure coordination, deal with difficult team members, improve teams' decision making and performance, get the most out of a team, and manage the boundaries between the team and other parts of the organization from which the team draws resources and authority. Students are assigned to a team at the beginning of the quarter. Teams analyze cases of outstanding and poor teamwork, then complete a group project and analyze their own teamwork and outcomes.