Brenda Ellington-Booth
Brenda Ellington Booth

Clinical Professor of Leadership

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Brenda Ellington Booth joined Kellogg in 1999 as an Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations and Associate Academic Director of Executive Programs. In 2007, she created the role of Academic Director of Kellogg Leadership Coaching Programs. In 2009 she was promoted to Clinical Professor of Management and Organizations. Since 2008, Professor Booth has been a certified executive coach and has the designation of an Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  


MBA Teaching & Coaching

At the MBA level, Professor Booth teaches two courses: Personal Leadership Insights and Leader as Coach. In both courses, she is an instructor, coach or mentor coach for students.  In 2010, 2012 & 2016, Kellogg students awarded Professor Booth with the Certificate of Impact in recognition for her outstanding contribution to their Kellogg experience.  Also, she is a Leadership Coach in Zell Fellows Program.


Executive Education - Academic Director, Teacher & Coach

At the executive level, Professor Booth is co-academic director of the Executive Development Program and the Energizing People for Performance programs. She designs the curriculum, teaches courses on leadership, and serves an executive coach in these programs. She has also taught topics in leadership and/or has served as an executive coach for numerous organizations including the Chicago Cubs organization, Eisai Pharmaceuticals, Ernst & Young, Jefferson Wells, Baxter International, the U.S. Intelligence Community, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Chicago Public Schools, Alaine Locke Charter Schools, and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists. In prior years, Booth served as academic director of programs for USG, International Paper, Baloise Insurance, Aon Financial Services and Baker & McKenzie law firm.

Professor Booth serves as an executive coach for Kellogg's Sphere of Leadership program and the Executive MBA program.


Past Roles at Kellogg

From 2007-2012, she served as Director of Leadership Coaching Programs. In this role, Professor Booth, in partnership with other coaches, created curriculum around leadership development and coaching skills for MBA students. These courses are now an on-going part of the MBA course offering. In executive programs, Booth integrated executive coaching in several general management and leadership executive education programs.

In previous years at Kellogg, Professor Booth was awarded the Doctoral Teaching Award for Exceptional Teaching Performance, authored case studies on leadership and change management for the not-for-profit sector, and taught MBA courses including People for Competitive Advantage, Management and Organizations, Negotiation, Change Management and Leadership of Non-Profit Organizations.


Prior to Kellogg

Before joining Kellogg, Brenda taught elective seminars at Stanford University and wrote a case study on change management for the University of Michigan - Graduate School of Management. As part of her dissertation research on strategic alliances, Professor Booth served as a consultant to the grocery industry on their ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) initiative in the late 1990's. She delivered presentations to several nationwide grocery industry conferences and authored numerous educational case studies for mid- and senior-level executives on strategic, human resources and organizational issues in the grocery industry as it related to ECR.

Prior to pursuing her doctorate, Brenda accumulated several years of work experience in corporate settings in the functional areas of accounting, finance and marketing. She started her career at Home Box Office as a financial analyst and went on to publish an investors' report on the insurance industry for the former investment bank Salomon Brothers while obtaining her MBA from Stanford University. She also was an account executive with the advertising agency Leo Burnett for five years, servicing clients such as Kraft, Seven-Up, Heinz Pet Products, and Procter & Gamble.

Areas of Expertise
Employee Relations
Organizational Change
Organizational Learning

Print Vita
PhD, 1998, Organizational Behavior, Northwestern University
MBA, 1986, Stanford University
AB, 1982, Economics, Stanford University

Academic Positions
Clinical Professor of Management & Organizations, Management & Organizations, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 2009-present
Director of Kellogg Leadership Coaching Programs, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 2007-2012
Associate Academic Director of Executive Programs, Kellogg, Northwestern University, 1998-2008
Assistant Professor of Management & Organizations, Northwestern University, Northwestern University, 1998-2008
Instructor (Doctoral Candidacy), Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 1994-1998

Other Professional Experience
Account Executive, Leo Burnett USA, 1986-1991
Financial & System Analyst, Home Box Office, Inc., 1982-1984

Honors and Awards
Kellogg Student Impact
Kellogg Student Impact
Student Impact Award

Print Research
Research Interests

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Print Teaching
Teaching Interests
Organization behavior, organizational change, negotiations, and management/leadership styles
Full-Time / Evening & Weekend MBA
Personal Leadership Insights (KACI-461-5)
This course was formerly known as MORS 935-C
This course is a unique opportunity for students who are highly motivated and committed to their personal development and growth as a leader. You will partner with a faculty member and Kellogg Leadership Coach who will lead a small group of students through a series of assignments that will help you increase self-awareness and gain clarity about your unique leadership skills, values, strengths and limitations. Classes will meet weekly for 90 minutes. Each class will consist of group discussions and peer coaching exercises around self-reflective assignments that you must prepare prior to class. In addition, you will meet one-on-one with your Kellogg Leadership Coach for two personalized, 45-minute coaching sessions during the quarter. Due to the self-reflective nature of the course, you will not receive a letter grade, but rather “Pass/No Credit” on your transcript for 0.5 credits. The “Pass” designation will be given if you meet the following requirements: 100% attendance (with no exceptions); on time completion of all assignments; honoring the confidential information of others in the group; and preparation and active engagement in all group coaching sessions.
Please note that the 100% attendance policy is non-negotiable across all sections and instructors. Only bid on a section for which you are sure you can attend every class session. Review the abbreviated syllabus for that section to confirm the precise meeting dates.

Leader as Coach (KACI-462-0)

**This course was formerly known as MORS-937**

With the ability to have effective coaching conversations, leaders can help others develop as leaders, solve problems, make decisions, create opportunities and/or improve performance. This is an experiential course that provides students with an opportunity to learn and practice the art of conducting effective coaching conversations. Kellogg students will be assigned to coach two to three Northwestern University undergraduate students in leadership roles (e.g., student government, fraternity/sorority leaders, club leaders, etc.).

Throughout the quarter, Kellogg students will be able to apply their newly acquired coaching skills in the context of leadership development for NU undergraduates as they face actual leadership and life challenges in real time. This experience is intended to provide Kellogg MBA students with increased confidence in their leadership interpersonal skills and deepen their insights about leadership.

Field Study (KACI-498-0)
Field Studies include those opportunities outside of the regular curriculum in which a student is working with an outside company or non-profit organization to address a real-world business challenge for course credit under the oversight of a faculty member.

Executive Education
Energizing People for Performance

Participants in this highly interactive program, which includes personalized coaching, master the processes and tools required to unleash the potential in individuals, energize their teams and empower people to achieve consistently higher levels of performance and deliver better bottom-line results.

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Executive Development Program

For top-performing, high-potential middle and senior managers, this intensive, collaborative and empowering executive development program delivers the knowledge, tools and frameworks required to succeed and lead with confidence in a general management role.

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The Sphere of Leadership

If you're seeking to propel your organization and career forward faster, this dynamic program will take you on an intensive, comprehensive leadership journey designed to spur your individual growth and elevate your leadership capabilities.

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