Justin Craig
Justin B. Craig

Clinical Professor of Family Enterprise
Director of the Center for Family Enterprises

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Dr. Justin Craig is a Clinical Professor of Family Enterprise and Director of the Center for Family Enterprises at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. His research focuses on the strategy, function, management, and performance of multi-generational family enterprises and those who lead and steward them. He has authored 46 peer-reviewed academic publications, numerous book chapters and teaching cases and has co-edited several books, all aimed at better understanding the challenges facing business families across the globe.

His current book Leading a Family Business: Best Practices for Long Term Stewardship (Praegar Publishing, July, 2017) is a fascinating convergence of entrepreneurship, family relations, and corporate principles. The volume, co-authored with long time mentor and collaborator Dr Ken Moores, presents two frameworks to better understand the best practices of leading a family business: a firm-level frame focused on these four critical areas of difference (architecture, governance, entrepreneurship, and stewardship) and an individual one that mirrors these in terms of the skill set and mindset successful leaders need to develop. Written as a business narrative, the book considers the differences between leadership in family enterprises and non-family enterprises; the entrepreneurial capabilities needed by executives in family-based firms; and the use of power, identification, and motivation in managing their responsibilities both at home and in the workplace. Case studies provide a real-life look at the inner workings of family operations across the globe.

Before Kellogg, Dr. Craig held faculty positions at Northeastern University in Boston, Bond University in Australia and Oregon State University. He completed undergraduate degrees in Business and Psychology (with Honors) at Griffith University, a Master’s in Counseling and a PhD in Behavioral Science at Bond University.

As a practitioner, he worked with and for business families for almost a decade before pursuing an academic career, and was subsequently involved with multiple entrepreneurial ventures. Today he works closely with family business leaders, their consultants, and advisors, and has trained and presented to members of family firms from most sectors and countries worldwide. He is a consultant with the Family Business Consultant Group.

Areas of Expertise
Family Business

Print Vita
Doctor of Philosophy, 2004, Bond University
Master of Counseling, 2001, Bond University
Bachelors of Psychology (Honors), 2000, Griffith University
Bachelors of Business, 1998, Griffith University

Academic Positions
Clinical Professor of Family Enterprise + Co-Director of the Center of Family Enterprises, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management, 2015-present
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, D'Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University, Boston, 2012-2015
Adjunct Professor of Family Enterprise, Dublin City University, Ireland, 2013-present
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Business + Co-Director of the Australian Centre for Family Business, Bond University, Australia, 2008-2012
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Oregon State University, 2004-2008

Honors and Awards
Long-term Orientation Research Project Grant $25K, Family Firm Institute, 2016
Excellence in Teaching Award Nominee, Northeastern University
Appointed Inaugural Ken Moores Visiting Professor of Family Enterprise, Bond University, Australia

Editorial Positions
Appointed to Editorial and Review Board, Journal of Management and Governance, 2017-2017
Special Issue Co-Editor, Journal of Family Business Strategy: Family Entrepreneurship, 2017-2017
Special Issue Co-Editor, Jounal of Management and Control: Management Control in Family Firms, 2017-2017
Research Chair, Organizing Committee, Family Firm Institute Research and Education Symposium, 2015
EURAM Track Co-coordinator, Family firms and stakeholders: CSR, Branding, Image and Reputation, 2015
Best Dissertation Award Judge, Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division, 2015
Guest Special Issue Editor: Management Control in , Journal of Management and Control, 2016
Appointed to Editorial and Review Board, Journal of Management and Governance, 2016
Editorial Board, Journal of Family Business Strategy, 2015
Associate Editor, Family Business Review, 2015

Print Research
Research Interests

Family Business, Individual and Firm Level Entrepreneurialism.

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Conference Proceedings
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Print Teaching
Full-Time / Evening & Weekend MBA
Family Enterprises: Issues and Solutions (STRT-447-0)
This course was formerly known as STRT-927
The course is intended for those from business-owning families, whether they plan to work in the business or not. Topics range from succession and family dynamics to continuity planning and strategic performance. The course is also appropriate for those who have family foundations, family investment companies, or family offices. The class involves case discussions, guest speakers, field and research assignments, and presentations of new ideas in family enterprises.

Executive MBA
Family Enterprises: Success & Continuity (STRTX-455-0)