Phillip Corse
Phillip Corse

Adjunct Professor of Marketing

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Phil Corse has a classical, disciplined and analytical marketing background and has worked for several consumer products package goods and durables companies. He has held a variety of positions in global marketing, sales and general management positions. He co-founded 5 companies with new products/new technology in Singapore, China and Chicago. He has conducted hundreds of new product and marketing engagements. He sources products from China for his clients and his own companies. Phil has helped launch dozens of new products that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

He has been teaching at Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management since 1993. He teaches the capstone course in marketing for the Master of Product Development program at the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern and taught a Global New Product Development course for Thunderbird in 2008.

Phil was a member of the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management Board of Directors for 9 years where he currently teaches the Asia Perspective course in Beijing and Bangkok. He also taught marketing, entrepreneurship and the capstone competitive strategy course at LFGSM.
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Full-Time / Part-Time MBA
Launching New Products and Services (MKTG-465-0)

This course counts toward the following majors: Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Marketing, Marketing Management

Innovating new products and services (and new product and service features) is among the most complex challenges faced by managers. How can one generate potentially breakthrough new product and service concepts? Given an infinite world of possibilities, how does one decide which products and feature concepts to pursue? How does one get customer feedback for products and features that do not yet exist? What marketing strategy & tactics should one employ to convince customers to purchase products they might not yet know they want? How does one reconcile the introduction of new products with an existing product portfolio? The goal of this course is to introduce students to marketing principles and concepts that they can use to tackle these questions and to develop their own approach to innovating new products and services.