Kellogg Acknowledges Its 1998 Unsung Heroes (The Merger - June 4 1998)

By Michael Moran


This week, the GMA proudly presented the first ever Kellogg Unsung Hero
award. The purpose of this award is to recognize those faculty and staff who
may not otherwise be acknowledged for their outstanding contribution to
Kellogg - like professors who only teach a few sections or a less popular
subject, or administrators who work "behind the scenes." Based on student
voting, the 1998 winners are professors Nandu Thondavadi, Alva Taylor and
Daniel Diermeier, Administrator Fran Brasfield and Staff Member Jaccke

Professor Thondavadi, an associate professor of operations management, is
best know among MM students for his introductory operations course in the
evening program. Thondavadi also teaches courses on strategic cost
management, business process reengineering, operations management and total
quality management for the executive, MM, EMP and TMP programs. Evening
students enthusiastically supported Thondavadi, a ‘92 Kellogg alumnus.
Outside of Kellogg, Dr. Thondavadi is the president and CEO of Mascon, a
global Information Technology firm that focuses on product development,
operations strategy and quality.

Professor Alva Taylor taught Management of Organizational Change this past
fall and winter. A visiting Stanford professor who specializes in
Organizational Behavior, Professor Taylor has been exceptional at integrating
himself into the Kellogg learning environment. Students who nominated
Professor Taylor noted his remarkably clear lectures and enthusiasm.

Professor Diermeier, an associate professor of Managerial Economics and
Decision Sciences, has been at Kellogg since last July, following three years at
Stanford. He holds a Ph.D. in political science and is a Ph.D. candidate in
philosophy. At Kellogg he teaches Strategic Management in Non-Market
Environments. Nominating students were very enthusiastic about Professor
Diermeier. As second-year student Eric Reynolds stated: "Professor Diermeier
did a great job of sustaining our interest and participation throughout the entire
course. He is incredibly knowledgeable, and his unique brand of enthusiasm
was infectious."

Fran Brasfield, associate director of student affairs, has been a member of the
Kellogg community since she began as a MM candidate in 1993. Some of her
specific responsibilities today include student exchange programs, McManus,
the ETDT program, as well as an "open-door" policy for all students.
Throughout this past year Fran has repeatedly performed "above and beyond"
for students, despite staffing changes in Student Affairs coupled with increasing
student expectations. As several students noted, Fran has been instrumental in
facilitating both the learning environment and culture here at Kellogg.

Jaccke Brooks is someone everyone has likely dealt with, but who few take the
time to really know. Mr. Brooks is manager of the mailroom at Kellogg. In the
past few years the mailroom has experienced a nearly threefold increase in
volume of mail, and the rise of domestic and foreign overnight mail and
package deliveries. Yet students and administrators acknowledge Mr. Brooks,
a member of the Kellogg community for more than 13 years, for his tremendous
heart and willingness to help in a crunch.

The Professor of the Year committee selected these five individuals, based on
student voting, for their outstanding contributions to Kellogg. This award is
based on an understanding that quality individuals and outstanding efforts
permeate our school. This year’s five winners were selected from more than 68
faculty, administrators and staff who were nominated.