Research Papers

Swaab, R.I., Diermeier, D., Galinsky, A. and Medvec, V., (2012) The Communication Orientation Model: Explaining the Diverse Effects of Sight, Sound, and Synchronicity on Negotiation and Group Decision Making Outcomes. Personality and Social Psychology Review 16(1): 25-53.

Diermeier, D., Huffaker, D., & Swaab, R.I. (2011).  The Language of Coalition Formation in Online Multiparty Negotiations. Journal of Language and Social Psychology 30(1):66-81.

Diermeier, D., Swaab, R.I., Medvec, V., & Kern, M. (2008). The micro-dynamics of coalition formation. Political Research Quarterly, 61(3), 484-501.

Diermeier, D. (2005). Creativity and complexity. The Knowledge Lens (p52-56). Center for Learning and Organizational Change, Northwestern University.

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