Co-Founded in 2004 by Daniel Diermeier and Professor David Kelso (McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University), the Global Health Initiative (GHI) is a collaboration among private industry, non-profit donors and academia to develop products that address health issues facing underserved communities around the world.

In August of 2006, Northwestern University received a $5 million Grand Challenges in Global Health grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the purpose of financing these efforts. To further advance the GHI mission, the founders created the Northwestern Global Health Foundation in 2010. Realizing that the world’s underserved communities require a new, innovative approach which engages donors, corporate partners, and the resources of research universities, the Foundation developed a nonprofit business designed for self-sustaining revenue and social impact.

The first product of the initiative is the LYNX p24 Test. This inexpensive HIV diagnostic test responds to the specific demands of resource-limited communities, diagnosing infants with HIV in less than an hour. Instead of waiting for a process that previously took months, this technology enables immediate treatment through its easy-to-use and affordable apparatus.

The 2012 Chicago Innovation Awards honored the Northwestern Global Health Foundation with an Up-and-Comer Award for its LYNX p24 Test. The test will soon begin evaluations in Africa with the purpose of bringing life-saving technologies to global communities whose disparities between medical treatment and access demand social innovation.


To learn more, visit the Global Health Initiative website.




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