Working Papers

Strategically Valuable Information (with Lones Smith)

Unattainable Payoffs for Repeated Games of Private Monitoring (with Lones Smith)

Electing Efficiency (with Steve Salant and Neslihan Uler)
Resources for the Future Discussion Paper (2010)
(previously circulated as: "Size Matters (In Output-Sharing Groups): Voting to End the Tragedy of the Commons)"

Partial Information Disclosure in Search Markets (with Dmitry Lubensky and Babur De Los Santos)

Comparing Mediators

The Limits of Arbitrage: Evidence from Exchange Traded Funds
SSRN Capital Markets Working Paper (2004)

Work in Progress

Cognitive Hierarchies and Price Competition (with Yuval Salant)

Competitive Learning (with Dmitry Lubensky and Collin Raymond)

Risk Taking in Tournaments: Evidence from the PGA Tour (with Dmitry Lubensky)

Source Amnesia (with Lones Smith)