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Jiyin Cao

Ph.D Candidate

Management & Organization Department

Ph.D. in Management & Organization (Expected in 2014), Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

M.S. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Peking University, China

B.A. in Psychology, Zhejiang University, China

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Website:

Research Interests: Generalized Trust Development, Diverse Experiences, Network Structure, Physical and Network Mobility, Diverse Teams, Social Expression and Perception, Cross-cultural Research, Group Processes

Dissertation Research: My dissertation presents a new theoretical model that articulates how generalized trust develops. Specifically, my research examines how diversity might facilitate generalized trust development. Given similarity-attraction, social categorization and social identity theories, research often suggests a negative relationship between diversity and trust. However, I propose that it is important to differentiate two types of trust: person specific trust and generalized trust. In contrast to person specific trust, generalized trust measures the belief in the benevolence of human nature, is often an indicator of successful societies and difficult to develop by just vegetating in familiar local communities. Building upon theories from social psychology, organization, sociology, economics and political science, I propose a model on generalized trust development and the critical role of diversity in it. This research has important implications on how organizations and societies can promote diversity and generalized trust in the globalized economy simultaneously without compromising one another.

Dissertation Committee Members: Adam D. Galinsky (Chair), J. Keith Murnighan, Nicole Stephens, Angela Y. Lee



Cao, J., Galinsky, A. D., & Maddux, W. W. Does Travel Broaden the Mind? The Breadth of Foreign Experiences Increases Generalized Trust. In Press at Social Psychology and Personality Science [Download the Paper]

Abstract: Five studies examined the effect of breadth and depth of foreign experiences on generalized trust. Study 1 found that the breadth(number of countries traveled) but not the depth (amount of time spent traveling) of foreign travel experiences predicted trust behavior in a decision-making game. Studies 2 and 3 established a causal effect on generalized trust by experimentally manipulating a focus on the breadth versus depth of foreign experiences. Study 4 used a longitudinal design to establish that broad foreign travel experiences increased generalized trust. Study 5 explored the underlying processes and found that a focus on the differences rather than the similarities among the countries visited was critical in producing greater generalized trust. Across five studies, using various methods (correlational, lab experiment, and longitudinal), samples (United States and Chinese) and operationalizations (trust game and generalized trust scale), we found a robust relationship between the breadth of foreign travel experiences and generalized trust.

Papers under revisions or review:

Wang, C. S., Whitson, J., Kim, J., Cao, J., & Schrimpshire, A. Culture, Mobility, and the Selection of Norm Enforcement Strategies. R&R at Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes [Manuscript available upon request]

Cao, J. & Phillips, K. W. An Ostrich Effect: Homogeneous Teams Intentionally Leave Useful Information on the Table to Avoid Conflict. Under Review at Psychological Science [Manuscript available upon request]

Papers in preparation:

Cao, J. & Galinsky, A.D. On the Road to Discovering Humanity: The DUV Model of Generalized Trust Development. Manuscript in preparation, Target: Academy Management Review

Cao, J. & Galinsky, A. D. How to Prevent Being Deceived: The effect of Regulatory Focus on Lie Detection Accuracy. Manuscript in preparation, Target: Psychological Science. SSRN's Top Ten download list for: MRN Negotiations & Dispute Resolution Network.

Han, J. Cao, J., & Wang, L. Unpack the Impacts of Team Climate Level, Strength and Locus of Control on Innovative Behavior: A Multilevel Analysis. Manuscript in preparation, Target: Organizational Science

Selected working in progress:

Cao, J., Galinsky, A. D. & Adam, H. Psychologically removing constraints increases the experience of authenticity. Data collection completed for 5 studies.

Chou, E., Cao, J., & Murnighan, J. K. Indirect reciprocity. Data collection completed for 2 studies.

Gunia, B., Effron, D., Cao, J., & Murnighan, J. K. The irony of apology. Data collection completed for 2 studies.

Townsend, S. & Cao, J. The antecedents and consequences of the perception of income inequality. Data collection completed for 2 studies.

References: Adam D. Galinsky, J. Keith Murnighan, Katherine W. Phillips, William W. Maddux




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