The final group project will be based on a Wall Street Journal article (click here to read the article) “Meal Ticket: Farmers, Charities Join Forces To Block Famine-Relief Revamp; Bush Administration Wants To Purchase African Food; Lobby Says Buy American; Proposal Is Stuck in Congress” by Roger Thurow and Scott Kilman. Wall Street Journal. (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Oct 26, 2005. pg. A.1.

The article describes the controversy over the Bush Administration’s proposal to change the way food aid is distributed.  Each group will be assigned a stakeholder in the food aid debate.  Groups will then analyze the value propositions of all the key stakeholders in the case with a focus on their particular stakeholder organization.  Subsequently, groups will be required to write a strategy memo and make a presentation. 

The strategy memo should outline the group’s strategic recommendation to its stakeholder organization regarding the food aid problem and should include practical and values-based approaches on how the organization can achieve its goal.  Similarly, the presentation will be at a meeting of the stakeholder parties hosted by US Aid. The purpose of the meeting is for each group to have a chance to persuade the others on the merits of its position. During these short presentations, groups will NOT describe their strategy for their stakeholder organization, but (keeping in mind the value propositions of all stakeholders) will try to persuade the other parties.  These presentations will be given during class and will be followed by a discussion.    

The presentation will occur in class on March 6.  The strategy memo will also be due on March 6.  As a part of the group assignment, you will be asked to evaluate the performance of all of the members of your group, including yourself. The evaluation form is included in the syllabus.

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