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Former Secretary of the Treasury Larry Summers in conversation with Prof. Janice Eberly

Lawrence Summers

Larry Summers delivers the Susan Bies Lecture on Economics and Public Policy

The former Secretary of the Treasury spoke with Kellogg’s Janice Eberly

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Study says health care pricing tools aren't driving down costs

05/03/16 – Marketplace
Article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who says that few people shop for lower health insurance prices because plans lacked the right financial incentives.

Study: 7 of 10 most profitable US hospitals are nonprofits

05/02/16 – Associated Press
Article reports on new data saying that seven of the 10 most profitable U.S. hospitals are nonprofits. According to Professor Craig Garthwaite, the new study may put more public pressure on hospitals to help lower the growth of health care spending. Article also published in Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Crain's Chicago Business, The New York Times and Business Insider.

Pharmaceutical pricing model past its expiration date

03/28/16 – Crain’s Chicago Business
Article criticizes current pharmaceutical pricing models, citing information from Professor Craig Garthwaite on how prices are set.

Hospital mergers within state borders drive up costs

03/21/16 – Marketplace
Article reports on a paper by Professor Leemore Dafny that provides definitive proof that cross-market hospital mergers tend to hurt employers and consumers.

How Pitbull Could Save America from Donald Trump

03/15/16 – Broadly
Quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who said, "In certain circumstances, celebrities can have a lot of influence, especially when the endorser has a core demographic who would support the same platforms they do when voting."

West Virginia hospital deal in national spotlight

03/04/16 – Marketplace
If new legislation in West Virginia passes, the state could become home to massive hospital monopolies. Article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny, who says, “This legislation is a marker. It’s the start of providers digging in and trying to protect themselves from laws that are designed to protect us, the end consumer.”

What I've Learned About Leadership

03/04/16 – Council of Nonprofits
Brian Pinero shares his experience in Allstate's Greater Good Nonprofit Leaders program at Kellogg.

What Apple’s Standoff With the FBI Says About Leadership

03/01/16 – Fortune
Article by Professor Harry Kraemer discusses how values-based leadership includes taking time to understand the multiple perspectives surrounding any issue. In the case of Apple, it appears CEO Tim Cook is trying to determine the right actions for his company and its customers.

The Business of Healthcare: MBA Programs that Best Prepare Students to Tackle a Challenging Industry

02/24/16 – Health Affairs Blog
Article by Professors Leemore Dafny and Christopher Ody reports on their research that found no evidence of greater product innovation in more concentrated insurance markets.

New Health Care Symposium: No Evidence That Insurance Market Consolidation Leads To Greater Innovation

02/24/16 – Health Affairs Blog
Article by Professors Leemore Dafny and Christopher Ody reports on their research that found no evidence of greater product innovation in more concentrated insurance markets.

Nonprofit Leaders Get Free Management Training at Northwestern U

02/18/16 – The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Article profiles the Allstate Foundation’s Greater Good Nonprofit Leaders Program, which includes nine months of in-person instruction at Kellogg, one-on-one executive coaching, and $5,000 in discretionary money for complementary professional development purposes.

New Drug Ads Tout Serious Conditions, Costly Treatments

02/16/16 – The Wall Street Journal
Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said, “Direct-to-patient marketing really grew up promoting drugs that had very broad patient populations. Now that is all shifting and we’re seeing ads run for very specialized products.”

Professor Joel Shalowitz is interviewed

02/09/16 – WBEZ
Professor Joel Shalowitz is interviewed about why an increasing number of people in Illinois are getting health insurance coverage.

Sanders Has a Point: What Good Are Private Insurers?

02/04/16 – Bloomberg View
Article cites research by Professor Leemore Dafny that suggests the typical American with employer-sponsored (and employer-selected) insurance would be willing to give up 16 percent of her employer’s subsidy for coverage in return for the chance to use the subsidy toward a plan of her choosing. Also appeared in Chicago Tribune.

Five Kellogg students and six alumni have been named this year’s Youn Impact Scholars.

Kellogg announces 2016 Youn Impact Scholars

02/01/16 – New awardees to meet with past scholars during Reunion weekend

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Expert Q&A: The road ahead for U.S. hospitals

01/27/16 – Prudential
Q&A with Professor Leemore Dafny about the biggest challenges facing the U.S. hospital industry today and the business model changes happening as a result.

Even Insured Can Face Crushing Medical Debt, Study Finds

01/05/16 – The New York Times
Article cites a study by Professor David Dranove that found that medical bankruptcy was largely a problem of the uninsured. “But with more people buying less generous health insurance, I think the old evidence might no longer be relevant,” he said.

Our Favorite B-School Professors of 2015

12/23/15 – Poets & Quants
Article recognizes Professor Craig Garthwaite as one of P&Q’s favorite b-school professors of 2015. “Professor Garthwaite’s class is grounded in taking core economic principles and using them to analyze business decisions that we’re reading about in the Wall Street Journal today and experiencing firsthand in our day to day lives,” one student writes.

How Gilead Priced Its $20 Billion Blockbuster

12/10/15 – Bloomberg Business
Professor Craig Garthwaite is quoted on the pricing strategy behind Gilead Science's Sovaldi "miracle drug." Article also published in Chicago Tribune.

Kellogg alumni and student turn polluted brownfields into profitable farms

Fresh Coast Capital brings green to the Rust Belt

12/01/15 – Kellogg alumni and student turn polluted brownfields into profitable farms

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