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Former Secretary of the Treasury Larry Summers in conversation with Prof. Janice Eberly

Lawrence Summers

Larry Summers delivers the Susan Bies Lecture on Economics and Public Policy

The former Secretary of the Treasury spoke with Kellogg’s Janice Eberly

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Hospital mergers continued to create larger systems in 2014

02/10/15 – Chicago Tribune
Quotes Professor Leemore Dafny, who said that merging can help hospitals gain more market clout to negotiate better rates from insurers, but when rival hospital systems in close proximity merge, patients are hurt when they raise prices.

Illinois Medicaid penalizes another health plan

01/13/15 – Crain’s Chicago Business
Quotes Professor Joel Shalowitz, who said that the penalized plan must prepare to potentially be flooded with patients who choose the plan voluntarily.

How Drug Company Gilead Outpaces Its Competitors—And Common Diseases

01/05/15 – FastCo
Craig Garthwaite speaks to Fast Company about how high return drives innovation.

What Cuba’s new investors can learn from Coca-Cola

01/05/15 – Fortune
Article by Professor Nicola Persico explains how Coca-Cola’s entry into Myanmar in 2013 illustrates the challenges and opportunities that businesses could very well face when they seek license to operate in Cuba.

Do No Harm? It May Be Hard to Avoid With Health Law’s Medicare Cuts

01/05/15 – The New York Times
Article cites a study by Professors David Dranove, Craig Garthwaite and Christopher Ody that found that hospitals responded to the 2008 market collapse not by cutting staff but by trimming back in other specific areas, including advanced medical records and less profitable services like those for substance use treatment or those provided in trauma centers.

Malaria No More CEO Martin Edlund

Fighting malaria with mobile devices

10/31/14 – Malaria No More CEO spoke on the private ventures helping tackle this public scourge

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Caremark planning bigger copay at drugstores that sell cigarettes

10/20/14 – Chicago Tribune
Quotes Professor Leemore Dafny, who said that the measure isn't necessarily anti-competitive and that the concept of preferred networks for pharmacies has been a growing trend.

Hospital ratings: What the shift from inpatient to outpatient means for performance measurement

09/29/14 – Becker’s Hospital CFO
Quotes Professor Joel Shalowitz, who said that volume-related hospital metrics will continue to be important in assessing performance and profitability going forward, but which volumes have the most impact will change as healthcare providers focus on population health management.

State's peers offer lessons in building Obamacare exchange

09/18/14 – Chicago Tribune
Quotes Professor Leemore Dafny, who said, “We have the advantage of being a second-round adopter, and that advantage is enormous.”

Reform Update: Anthem's Vivity alliance with seven L.A. systems aims at Kaiser

09/17/14 – Modern Healthcare
Quotes Professor Leemore Dafny, who said, “That is a pretty bold play. It's not obvious how they're going to reduce hospital occupancy and come out on top.”

F.T.C. Wary of Mergers by Hospitals

09/17/14 – The New York Times
Quotes Professor Leemore Dafny, who said, “The Affordable Care Act has unleashed a merger frenzy,” and that she saw antitrust enforcement as a powerful tool to slow “the march toward conglomeration.”

Why not everyone is happy with the Advocate-NorthShore engagement

09/12/14 – Crain’s Chicago Business

Quotes Professor Joel Shalowitz, who said, “I would be surprised if in three years Advocate did not start its own insurance plan.

Loan Forgiveness Isn’t the Best Use of Government Resources, Paper Says

09/11/14 – The Wall Street Journal

Article reports on a paper by Professor Janice Eberly that found that funding mortgage debt reduction for underwater homeowners is a less efficient use of government resources than other types of mortgage relief, including refinancing. Also covered by Financial Times.

Health care symposium

State of exchanges

09/09/14 – Five lessons learned from Kellogg's state health insurance marketplace symposium

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Kentucky, Maryland Point to Benefits of State-Operated Health Marketplaces

09/08/14 – Bloomberg BNA
Article reports on the State-Based Health Insurance Exchanges forum sponsored by Kellogg. Quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who said, “We know that in states that did both the Medicaid expansion and exchanges, we saw the biggest declines in the rates of the uninsured.”

Full of ideas, Don Berwick looks for traction

09/03/14 – Boston Globe
Quotes Professor Joel Shalowitz, who said that Berwick didn’t invent anything per se, but he highlighted the need for management techniques in the highly complex medical field.

What Happens When Health Plans Compete

09/01/14 – The New York Times
Article cites research by Professor Leemore Dafny that found that if United Healthcare, the nation’s largest insurer, had participated in exchanges, premiums would have been 5.4 percent lower.

Illinois exchange on 3 additional insurers' radar for 2015

08/21/14 – Chicago Tribune
Quotes Professor Leemore Dafny, who said that plans like the ones that IlliniCare will offer "are going to play heavily at the low end of the market, and frankly, that's where most people have been buying plans nationwide.”

Ice Bucket Challenge heats up fundraising in the suburbs

08/19/14 – Daily Herald
Quotes Liz Livingston Howard, Kellogg’s director of nonprofit executive education, who said that the Ice Bucket Challenge creates “a dialogue that gets people to ask questions.”