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Dean Sally Blount '92 (right) and Associate Dean of MBA Programs Betsy Ziegler (left) congratulate award winners Tyler Wanke, Lexie Smith, Thiago Pinto and Yajur Kapoor, all '15, at the 2015 Kellogg Leadership Awards.

Student Leadership Awards

2014-15 Student Leadership Awards

Ceremony honors students and faculty for lasting contributions to Kellogg community

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Bigger May Be Better for Health Insurers, but Doubts Remain for Consumers

08/02/15 – The New York Times

This article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny on how the consolidation of insurance companies has been shown to have an adverse impact on consumers. Professor Dafny was also quoted on this topic in Modern HealthcareHuman Resource Executive Online, andMemphis Daily News.

Happy 50th Birthday, Medicare. Your Patients Are Getting Healthier

07/28/15 – NPR
This article quotes Professor Craig Gathwaite on how the recession has helped to slow rising health care costs.

The Regulatory Hurdles to Health Insurance Mergers

07/24/15 – The New York Times

This article cites Professor Leemore Dafny’s research on how insurance company mergers typically lead to higher premiums. Professor Dafny was also quoted on this topic in NPR, Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News, Bloomberg BNA and American Economic Association.

Will health insurance mergers help or hurt consumers?

07/23/15 – Marketplace

This article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny on how premiums historically rise when insurers merge. Professor Dafny was also quoted on this topic in Bloomberg, Reuters, Washington Post, Vox, International Business Times, Modern Healthcare and Insurance Business Magazine.

More competition is supposed to help consumers. That might not true with health insurance

07/06/15 – Washington Post

This article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny on how there is evidence from the past that shows premiums rise when insurers consolidate. Prof. Dafny’s research and thought leadership on this topic was also featured in Marketplace Radio, Huffington Post and Chicago Tribune this week.

Who Will Benefit From Health Insurance Mergers? Not You, The Consumer

07/01/15 – Hartford Courant
This article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny on how historically insurance premiums go up after mergers in the health sector.

DOJ Girds for Strict Review of Any Health-Insurer Mergers

06/28/15 – The Wall Street Journal
This article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny on how insurance companies may not pass on to consumers the benefits of any hospital discounts they achieve from health-insurer consolidation.

Anthem confident, but experts see antitrust hurdles to Cigna deal

06/22/15 – Reuters

This article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny on how insurers don’t compete the way they should and premiums are higher than they should be. She says insurance consolidation is unlikely to lead to lower premiums. Professor Dafny’s research and thought leadership on this topic was also published this week in Bloomberg Business (articles one, two and three), The Economist, Marketplace Radio, Minnesota Public Radio, The New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Insurance Premiums on ACA Exchanges Could Rise Dramatically Next Year

06/21/15 – Healthline
This article quotes Professor David Dranove on how requests for large increases in health plans by insurers are not surprising.

Nightly Business Report

06/16/15 – CNBC
This segment, beginning at the 7-minute mark, interviews Professor Leemore Dafny on how a possible wave of consolidation in the insurance industry may impact consumers’ pockets. Read the transcript here.

Tim Feddersen

Advancing the public good through research

04/24/15 – Kellogg Professor Timothy Feddersen named to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

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Everywhere, hospitals are merging, but why should you care?

04/22/15 – Chicago Tribune
Article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny on hospital mergers. Too much market power is concentrated in the hands of too few large providers, she said, and she would be interested in learning more about how attorneys general can promote competition.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property – the capital of the knowledge economy

04/20/15 – Nobel Laureate Jean Tirole and a panel of economists discuss the economics of patents, IP policies and innovation

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Shhh! Don't Tell Institutional Investors, but Sustainability Drives Returns in Real Assets

04/14/15 – Huffington Post
Article features Lecturer David Chen, who discusses his role as CEO of Equilibrium Capital and how he incorporates sustainability into his investments. Chen also comments on the importance of financial engineering being a huge force for social good.

Can the Chinese learn to fight pollution from Britain

04/10/15 – VOA
Article quotes Professor Nicola Persico on how Britain’s history of fighting pollution can offer some advice to China and China’s battle against pollution. He argues that today’s Chinese elites are troubled and harmed by pollution issues, and the situation is so bad that soon elites may wish to make the government more responsive to mass-demand for clean air and water. This article is written in Mandarin.

Everywhere, hospitals are merging — but why should you care?

04/01/15 – Harvard Health Publications
Article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny regarding hospitals merging all across America. Dafny believes that there is too much market power concentrated in the hands of too few large providers.

Are We Teaching Millennials to Be Amoral?

03/17/15 – Huffington Post
Quotes Professor Brayden King, who said that corporations are now writing their ethics statements in a more "descriptive, rather than prescriptive" manner to entice future employees.

Guide to MBA Case Competitions

03/14/15 – Poets & Quants
Article lists P&Q’s top 20 MBA case competitions, including the Kellogg Biotech & Healthcare Case Competition. Also notes that a Kellogg team won the Deloitte National Case Competition in January.

Kamala Harris calls Prime's bluff in hospital deal's collapse

03/13/15 – Los Angeles Times
Quotes Professor Leemore Dafny on the issue of a for-profit hospital model serving a low-income community. "In some cases, they might even be more efficient," she said. But it's also relatively rare to see for-profit hospitals offering expensive, unprofitable services.

New Case Competition Attracts Top Schools

03/13/15 – Poets & Quants
Article mentions the Kellogg Biotech & Healthcare Case Competition. Also mentions that Kellogg teams won the Wharton MBA Buyout Case Competition, Anderson’s entertainment business case competition and the MBA National Case Competition.

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