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Craig Garthwaite, Co-Director of Health Enterprise Management Program (HEMA) and Associate Professor of Strategy, makes opening remarks to prospective MBA students visit the Kellogg School of Management during Day at Kellogg (DAK) at the Jacobs Center.

Kellogg provides leadership at the intersection of health management and policy

Kellogg provides leadership at the intersection of health management and policy

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Blaming Medicaid for the Opioid Crisis: How the Easy Answer Can Be Wrong

09/12/17 – New York Times
Article discusses the theory that Medicaid expansion is causing the opioid crisis and how this idea is gaining prominence amongst American politicians, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite on the possibility of this being true.

Why your Economic Argument Against Immigration Is Probably Wrong

09/11/17 – Fortune
Article by Visiting Professor Ben Harris takes a look at the recent announcement of the likely end of the DACA program made by the Trump administration last week, particularly looking at the widespread and positive effect immigration has on the economy.

How Starbucks covers pricey in vitro fertilization for even its part-time employees

09/05/17 – CBS News
Article discusses how Starbucks is helping employees, even part-time baristas, by offering benefits to cover infertility, noting that one in eight couples in the United States has trouble getting pregnant. Professor Craig Garthwaite was quoted on the reasoning behind Starbuck’s decision to include these benefits: “They’re not doing this out of the goodness of their heart, this is part of a cohesive strategy to attract and retain talent.”

Why Obamacare repeal failed

07/31/17 – Vox
Article discusses that Obamacare could not move through the chamber because it faced opposition from Republicans as well. Professor Craig Garthwaite is quoted on a potential reason for why the act did not pass: “Passing an Obamacare replacement is difficult because the existing system is fundamentally a collection of moderately conservative policies.”

GOP Leaders Still Insisting Repeal Won’t Take Health Care Away From Millions

07/23/17 – Huffington Post
Article explains how some government leaders are skeptical of the Republican party repeal of the Affordable Care Act because the Congressional Budget office has projected that the GOP proposal would mean 22 to 32 million people would lose health insurance. Professor Craig Garthwaite was quoted saying, “Saying that all of the insurance losses the CBO attributes to repealing the mandate are the result of individuals not being ‘forced’ to buy insurance is at best incomplete and in reality quite duplicitous.”

Former CBO directors in both parties defend the agency after White House attacks

07/21/17 – The Washington Post
Article discusses how former directors of the bipartisan Congressional Budget Office published a letter defending the agency after weeks of criticism from the Trump administration, quoting Craig Garthwaite about how these criticisms may be legitimate, the White House has gone further, with personal attacks on the agency's motives and credibility. “We should be looking to make good health policy. We shouldn’t be looking to make ideological health policy and then try to dress it up in fancy numbers.”

This Northwestern Alum’s ‘Greenhouse-in-a-Box’ Protects Farmers From Climate Change

07/20/17 – Chicago Inno
Profile of Kellogg startup Kheyti. Started by Zell Fellow and Youn Impact Scholar Saumya ’15, Kheyti is a social enterprise working with small farmers in India.

The Trump administration produced this misleading report to sell its health care bill

07/20/17 – Vox
Article describes a report created by the Trump administration which claims that an amendment by Texas Senator Ted Cruz would lower the cost of health insurance. However, the charts in the report compare very different types of data, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite: “I don’t see a reason to produce these graphs ever if the goal is to give good information about the change in premiums.”

Health plan hinges on the young, but they’re a tough sell

07/17/17 – Associated Press
Article explains how young adults not buying healthcare coverage leads to a problem for Republicans who need young, healthy enrollees to buy insurance to keep down premiums for everyone, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite on how Obama’s health law gives young adults job flexibility because coverage is not tied to employment.

Also covered in Chicago Tribune,, The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Obamacare’s Pocketbook Problem Made Worse in GOP Health Bill

07/14/17 – Bloomberg
Article explores concerns about the GOP Health Bill and quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite on the effect of the Senate bill on the Medicaid program.

Experts Say the New Version of the Senate Healthcare Bill Will be Bad News for the Old, Poor and Sick

07/14/17 – Business Insider
Article discusses the updated version of the Better Care Reconciliation Act and features Professor Craig Garthwaite on his opinions concerning the Republican senator’s strategy.

Obamacare’s pocketbook problems made worse in GOP health bill

07/14/17 – Crain’s Chicago Business
Article discusses how the latest Senate Republican health bill does little to address the concerns about patients spending too much of their own money on health care, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite on how the new bill allows states to have more say in how they spend the money they are given, making it harder for low-income people to be covered by the plan.

Why replacing Obamacare is so hard: It’s fundamentally conservative

07/10/17 – Washington Post
Article by Professor Craig Garthwaite discusses the difficulties of replacing Obamacare as a result of the current system being composed of moderately conservative policies.

How The World Is Trying To Tame Trump On Trade

07/07/17 – Forbes
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses how countries are responding to the United State’s new position on trade negotiations.

The World Doesn’t Mooch Off of U.S. Health-Care Research

07/06/17 – Bloomberg
Article argues that economists should look at current and past health care programs to create a mutually beneficial solution for both the people and the government. Quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite on the impact of drug innovation in the United States on the rest of the world.

How Expanding Generic Drugs Can Add to America’s Health Care Woes

07/06/17 – Fortune
Article by Professor Tim Calkins discusses how expanding the generic drug market could reduce the cost of health care for Americans across the country.

Who pays when someone without insurance shows up in the ER?

07/03/17 – USA Today
Article explores the consequences of an uninsured individual receiving treatment in the ER under the Obama care replacement plan and quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite.

The Narrow Window For Trade Agreements

06/30/17 – Forbes
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses President Trump’s intent to renegotiate trade agreements and notes that various TPA regulations prevent Congress from considering the agreement until mid-July 2018.

I think healthcare is a right. I asked an expert to tell me why I'm wrong

06/30/17 – Vox
Article explores the role of free market in healthcare and features an interview with Professor Craig Garthwaite, highlighting his economic expertise and political perspective.

There’s Only One Grocery Store in Most Rural Areas. Should We Expect Two Health Insurers?

06/29/17 – The New York Times
Article discusses the Republican perspective on issues with the Affordable Care Act and highlights insights from Professor Craig Garthwaite on the effects of the act on the lives of rural Americans.

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