Kellogg Board Fellows

KBF 17 & 18
Kellogg Board Fellows Class of 2017 and Class of 2018
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Cultivating opportunities for impact through nonprofit board service

Kellogg Board Fellows is a rigorous, 20-month program that connects 100 top Kellogg students to Chicago-area nonprofits for a distinct opportunity in board service.

Each year, the program selects 50 students from an outstanding pool of first-year students in Kellogg’s Full-Time MBA Program and appoints 50 students as “fellows.” These fellows serve as ex-officio board members for specific nonprofit organizations while simultaneously completing two courses in board governance at Kellogg.

Fostering leaders while serving the community

Driven by strong purpose
The program is focused on developing socially responsible leaders while harnessing the talents of Kellogg students to support local nonprofit organizations.

Developing leaders through experiential learning
While enrolled in courses in board governance, fellows tackle a strategic project developed by the nonprofit they serve as ex-officio board members.

Creating unique value for nonprofits
Developing nonprofit partnerships and program curriculum is a collaborative effort, led by an elected student leadership team and social impact faculty at Kellogg.


Since its inception in 2003, Kellogg Board Fellows has:
  • Prepared 596 Kellogg fellows for civic leadership
  • Served 175 unique Chicago-area nonprofits


Kellogg Board Fellows is part of the Kellogg Public-Private Interface (KPPI), an initiative dedicated to teaching and researching key issues at the intersection of business and society. The purpose of the program is three-fold:
  • To prepare Kellogg students to be socially responsible leaders through academic training in board governance and experiential learning through service on nonprofit boards.
  • To support nonprofit organizations by applying fellows’ professional experience and academic backgrounds to solve strategic, organizational and operational issues that enhance the work of nonprofit boards.
  • To build Kellogg's reputation for producing strong, socially responsible, community-oriented leaders while making a positive impact in the Chicago area.

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