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Kellogg believes that data analytics is a managerial problem above all, and argues that effective business leaders need a working knowledge of data science to reap the rewards of big data and analytics.

Kellogg Champions Analytics in Management

Kellogg champions analytics in management

Kellogg equips leaders to play a crucial role in the successful use of data science in business

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What Marissa Mayer's pregnancy really means for investors

09/07/15 – Fortune
This article written by Professor Paola Sapienza disagrees with critics who think that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer should have taken full maternity leave to set an example, arguing instead that her stay is more important in the long run for her leadership.

What Was Old Is New Again – The Power Of Nostalgia Marketing

08/14/15 – Forbes
This article quotes Professor Gregory Carpenter on why it can be effective for brands to tap into the psychology of nostalgia.

Big Data Knows You Like Losers

07/29/15 – Bloomberg View
This article discusses Professor Eric Anderson’s research on how a certain group of early buyers can be an indicator of failure for new products.

Facebook Shares Its Internal Diversity Training

07/28/15 – The Wall Street Journal
This article quotes Professor Lauren Rivera on how two years of diversity training is likely not enough time to make a visible impact within a company.

LinkingIn to Data Products

07/22/15 – The Wall Street Journal
This article by Professor Russell Walker talks about how LinkedIn is an excellent example of how to make money from data products, yet the company has only scratched the surface of what is to be done in creating value from information.

The Secret To Big Data Analytics Success Comes Down To One Word

06/19/15 – Forbes
Article says that agility is key to getting an enterprise to the point where it can analyze data and make autonomous decisions at massive scale in real-time. References the “Sentient Enterprise” capability maturity model for analytics that Professor Mohan Sawhney helped to develop.

New course roundup

New Kellogg MBA courses look into several leading-edge trends

05/18/15 – From data visualization to design thinking, offerings give students a glimpse into new research and thought leadership

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Jeff Jones

Target CMO on transforming culture to accelerate growth

05/14/15 – CMO Jeff Jones plans the Target of tomorrow

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The New CMO: Leading Change From The Outside In And Inside Out

04/20/15 – Forbes
Article written by Professor Greg Carpenter talks about how P&G’s global marketing officer Jim Stengel changed the company and the brand for the better with a strategy of understanding the lives of consumers and understanding the internal challenges as well.

Kellogg Insight Live

A 'working knowledge of data science' is key to leading

02/24/15 – Professor Florian Zettelmeyer and an alumni panel talk big data analytics and management

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Rethinking the Nail Salon by Glancing at the Starbucks Model

01/14/15 – The New York Times
Quotes Senior Fellow Sanjay Khosla, who said that MiniLuxe will need to take care not to lose sight of its original goals as it expands, which is where Starbucks went wrong.

Recruit Like You Stand For Something: A Chat With Hyatt SVP Jeff Zidell

12/19/14 –

Jeff Zidell (CMOP '14) on how adaptability is the #1 leadership trait - in recruiting,"there’s no machine that can pick that up."

10 Mind-Altering Business Books from 2014

12/19/14 – Huffington Post

List includes Fewer, Bigger, Bolder by Senior Fellow Sanjay Khosla and Professor Mohanbir Sawhney and describes the book as “a much-needed call for clarity and simplicity.”

Data analytics

Videos: Data analytics for leaders

12/15/14 – Data analytics can transform organizations when leaders use it wisely

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Fewer, Bigger, Bolder named Best Business Book of 2014

12/09/14 – The Globe and Mail
This book from Kellogg Senior Fellow Sanjay Khosla and Professor Mohan Sawhney topped several 2014 book lists, resonating with leaders seeking growth through sharp focus.

Kellogg Insight Live

'Big Data Doesn’t Make Decisions, Leaders Do'

11/14/14 – Faculty and prominent alumni bring data analytics insight to Facebook’s headquarters

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How Kraft turned less into more

11/11/14 – The Globe and Mail
Reviewer of Senior Fellow Sanjay Khosla and Professor Mohan Sawhney’s book Fewer, Bigger, Bolder writes, “This is a fascinating book, with many real-life stories from the authors’ experience, a sensible approach to growth, and details on how to make the idea of fewer, bigger, bolder come alive in your company.”

Nielsen Chief Marketing Officer Marcella Shinder

How to outsmart disruption

10/28/14 – Watch three leading executives share their advice at the 2014 Kellogg Marketing Leadership Summit

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Where to Look for Insight

10/14/14 – Harvard Business Review
Article by Professor Mohan Sawhney and Senior Fellow Sanjay Khosla argues that innovation can be approached systematically and lists seven “insight channels” that can lead to more efficient operations.

The NFL Brand – Discuss

09/30/14 – Forbes
Quotes Professor Greg Carpenter, who said, “Transparency, empathy, and compassion can help put the scandal in the past, and minimize the damage to the NFL’s reputation.”