Program on Data Analytics at Kellogg (PDAK)


Long before big data and analytics became buzzwords, we at Kellogg started thinking about how to prepare business leaders to harness the power of analytics.

For years, Kellogg has offered a cross-disciplinary data analytics curriculum that is relentlessly problem-driven while taking a deep dive into methods and applications of data analytics. We’ve sown collaborative relationships with companies on the cutting edge of big data and analytics through our corporate engagement. And our thought leadership has driven and inspired conversations around the intersection of business and analytics.

Kellogg believes that data analytics is a managerial problem, not primarily a data science or technology problem. We argue that business leaders need a working knowledge of data science to reap the rewards of big data and analytics. Analytics requires managerial judgment, demands process and incentive changes, and is most effective when problem-driven; as a result, managers play a crucial role in the success of its implementation.



A Leader's Guide to Analytics
Florian Zettelmeyer on how a working knowledge of data science can help you lead with confidence.

A working knowledge of data science is key to leading
Florian Zettelmeyer and an alumni panel discuss big data analytics, cybersecurity, and the internet of things

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When a trip into the brain is worth it

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Professor Song Yao on Increasing Revenue from Online Auctions: How buyer-seller interactions affect customer value in two-sided markets.

Trading knowledge
IBM's Robyn Zeeman '89 discusses Kellogg and Big Blue's big data collaboration

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Landing my internship — and future job — at Google
Jeff Hoffman is a second-year student interested in entrepreneurship and technology. He is passionate about the intersection of data science and application, focusing specifically on how data sets and insights can be leveraged to create, refine and market new products and services.