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Songhua Hu '10, left, and Richard Lim '10 hope Bloominous can capitalize on the DIY trend while cutting costs for couples getting married.

Songhua Hu ’10 and Richard Lim ’10

Start Me Up: Songhua Hu ’10 and Richard Lim ’10

A tech guru and a floral manager team up to launch two winning startups

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What do famous entrepreneurs have in common? Author Lloyd Shefsky has a theory

08/21/14 – Upstart Business Journal
Article reports on what Professor Lloyd Shefsky has learned from interviewing entrepreneurs. Shefsky said that the ability to ignore critics, listen to customers and alter as needed is what helps the most successful entrepreneurs thrive.

08/20/14 – Lifestyle Radio Network
Interview with Professor Lloyd Shefsky, who talks about the need for businesses to continuously reinvent themselves in order to thrive. Segment starts at 5:15.

Millennial Recruitment and Impact Investing

08/19/14 – Huffington Post

Article lists b-schools that offer courses on social enterprise, impact investing or sustainability, including HBS, Wharton, Kellogg, Booth, Stern, Stanford, Columbia and Ross. Also mentions Kellogg’s Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge.

A grave matter for family businesses

08/18/14 – EY Family Business Blog
Article by Professor Lloyd Shefsky explores the potential consequences of family business leaders who try to continue controlling the company after they’ve left it.

Holly Raider and Carter Cast

Videos: Career transitions and leadership agility

08/14/14 – Staying open to change and recognizing new opportunities will keep your career path fresh

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What To Do When Investors Think You're Crazy

08/13/14 – Fast Company

Excerpt from Invent, Reinvent, Thrive by Professor Lloyd Shefsky encourages entrepreneurs to turn to potential future customers and industry leaders when experts don’t believe a business idea will work.

Groupon and enterprise apps

08/08/14 – WBEZ’s Tech Shift

Interview with Professor Linda Darragh about Groupon’s disappointing second quarter earnings.  Darragh said that Groupon is “probably looking deep as to what their core competency might be to see how they can reinvent themselves.”

To Be Successful, You Have To Repeatedly Reinvent Yourself

08/07/14 – Business Insider

Q&A with Professor Lloyd Shefsky about his book, Invent, Reinvent, Thrive.  Originally appeared in Kellogg Insight

3 Classic Business Truths That Are Dead Wrong

08/05/14 –
Quotes Professor Lloyd Shefsky, who dispels myths including that starting a business is riskier than working for an existing business, a person must work in an industry before opening a business in it, and entrepreneurs should never listen to naysayers.

Nir Barkat: Reinventing Himself for Jerusalem

08/05/14 – The Times of Israel

Article profiles Professor Lloyd Shefsky, whose latest book Invent, Reinvent, Thrive shares stories of companies and people who successfully reinvented themselves, including the mayor of Jerusalem. 

How legendary Chicago family businesses faced the need to change

07/30/14 – Blue Sky Innovation
Article reports on Professor Lloyd Shefsky’s book, Invent, Reinvent, Thrive: The Keys to Success for Any Start-Up, Entrepreneur, or Family Business, which features case studies of businesses that succeeded by reinventing themselves repeatedly.

Chris Motley '11

Start me up: Chris Motley ’11

07/28/14 – Job seekers and companies meet their match at Better Weekdays

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Learn How, and Why, to Reinvent Your Business

07/25/14 – Yahoo! Small Business Advisor
Article reports on Professor Lloyd Shefsky’s book, Invent, Reinvent, Thrive: The Keys to Success for Any Start-Up, Entrepreneur, or Family Business. Shefsky argues that “entrepreneurship is not a cataclysmic event; it is a constant process.”

KIN Global 2014

Videos: KIN Global 2014

07/18/14 – Learn how experts handle scale and growth in this video gallery from KIN Global 2014

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Jennifer Beall '10 launched CleanBeeBaby

Video: CleanBeeBaby on MSNBC

07/15/14 – See how pairing with bigger brand has helped one alumna's startup clean up

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Business professors get schooled by Main Street

07/12/14 – CBS This Morning
Interview with Professor Mike Mazzeo about his new book, Roadside MBA. “The examples from Main Street really enrich the classroom and give a variety of new exposure to the students,” he said.

SiNode Rings a Bell

Powering up

07/11/14 – A Q&A with Samir Mayekar ’13 on SiNode System’s new partnership deal and $1M funding grant

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How Does Groupon Think About Social Innovation?

07/05/14 – Forbes
The head of social innovation at Groupon says she was “fortunate to be a part of a cohort of social innovation leaders” early in her career “who were all working on identifying market-based solutions to social change,” including Professor Linda Darragh.


Minding MATTER

07/01/14 – New health technology incubator MATTER will help bring medical devices to market

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How three economists combined wanderlust and business

06/27/14 – Chicago Tribune

Michael Mazzeo discusses taking a quieter, smaller, more nuanced approach to looking for innovative ideas.