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Meez Meals is an Evanston-based service that delivers prepped ingredients and simple recipes for making quick, tasty meals at home.

Meez Meals

Start me up: Jen Moore ’04

Meez Meals makes cooking dinner a piece of cake

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Business professors get schooled by Main Street

07/12/14 – CBS This Morning
Interview with Professor Mike Mazzeo about his new book, Roadside MBA. “The examples from Main Street really enrich the classroom and give a variety of new exposure to the students,” he said.

SiNode Rings a Bell

Powering up

07/11/14 – A Q&A with Samir Mayekar ’13 on SiNode System’s new partnership deal and $1M funding grant

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How Does Groupon Think About Social Innovation?

07/05/14 – Forbes
The head of social innovation at Groupon says she was “fortunate to be a part of a cohort of social innovation leaders” early in her career “who were all working on identifying market-based solutions to social change,” including Professor Linda Darragh.


Minding MATTER

07/01/14 – New health technology incubator MATTER will help bring medical devices to market

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How three economists combined wanderlust and business

06/27/14 – Chicago Tribune

Michael Mazzeo discusses taking a quieter, smaller, more nuanced approach to looking for innovative ideas.

Startup matchmaking effort shows early wins, expands

06/24/14 – Crains Chicago Business

Article discusses startup matchmaking, including two Kellogg alumni and their startups, Simple Relevance and Sinode Systems.

Revving Our Engines: 10 Lessons From Launching an Impact Accelerator

06/24/14 – Huffington Post
Article by Professor Jamie Jones offers advice based on her experience founding Impact Engine, an accelerator program that supports for-profit businesses with an integrated societal or environmental mission.

Amazon Eyes Online Sales Boost Through ‘Fire’ Smartphone

06/19/14 – Financial Times
Reports on the unveiling of Amazon’s ‘Fire’, a smartphone designed to drive more online sales to the company’s website and broaden its distribution of digital content. Article quotes Professor Mohan Sawhney.

B-School Reading List: The Power of Questions

06/17/14 – BusinessWeek
Reviewer says Professor Mike Mazzeo’s book Roadside MBA is “refreshingly different” and “worth adding to the business school canon.”

The world struggles to keep up with the pace of change in science and technology

06/17/14 – Financial Times
Quotes Professor Benjamin Jones, who said, “Those who claim there are few options for important innovations strike me as suffering from a failure of imagination.” Also quotes Kellogg Chair in IT Shane Greenstein, who pointed out the incremental nature of many technology shifts both today and in the past.

Elaine Russell

Start Me Up: Elaine Russell '09

06/16/14 – Elaine Russell '09 demystifies jewelry buying with Heirlumé

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6 low-cost ways to market your new business

06/16/14 – Blue Sky Innovation
Quotes Professor Mohanbir Sawhney, who said finding partners with built-in audiences is “the fastest way to grow a startup’s customer base, particularly for business-to-business customers.”

Meet The Fashion-Forward MBAs

06/13/14 – Poets & Quants
Article includes interview with Sonali Lamba, a Kellogg graduate who founded online dress shop Brideside with another Kellogg MBA. “In true Kellogg form, I really approached the industry by seeking out the consumer pain point and where that is the biggest and where you can monetize it,” she said.


Beating the odds

06/12/14 – Innoblative is winning competitions — and possibly the fight against breast cancer

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The Coffee Machine that Almost ‘Killed’ Starbucks

06/12/14 – The Marker
Interview with Professor Lloyd Shefsky about his new book, Invent, Reinvent, Thrive: The Keys to Success for Any Start-Up, Entrepreneur, or Family Business, in which he speaks with 26 leaders of big companies like Starbucks, Costco, Staples and Hyatt. Original article is in Hebrew.


Smart data, clean tech

06/10/14 – MeterGenius brings cleantech to electricity companies and the Midwest

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Page Vault's court evidence tool wins Northwestern's venture competition

06/09/14 – Built In Chicago
NUVC awarded a total of $170,000 in cash – the most it has offered in a single year – to Northwestern student startups. Quotes Professor Linda Darragh, who said, “When we start building teams here at Kellogg, they have to come in with a problem, not an idea.”

Can Your Organization Dance with StartUps?

06/08/14 – Innovation Excellence
Video interview with Lecturer Dean DeBiase on his experience bringing together multinational corporations with startups to accelerate their growth.

Page Vault leads the way at Northwestern University Venture Challenge

06/06/14 – Blue Sky Innovation
Quotes Professor Linda Darragh, who said that prize money is a nice way to help build a company but that Kellogg teaches students that “revenue is the best source of funding.”

KIN Global 2014

The multiplier effect

06/05/14 – Student teams explore how progress and change are scaled at this year's KIN Global conference

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