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Moran Cerf, an assistant professor of marketing and professor of neuroscience, will speak at the 2016 TED Conference in Vancouver this February.

Moran Cerf, an assistant professor of marketing at Kellogg and a professor of neuroscience at Northwestern, will discuss his research about dreams and behavior change at the 2016 TED Conference in Vancouver this February.

Moran Cerf to share how to influence people through dreams at TED2016 Conference

Neuroscientist will speak at annual conference alongside former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, scholars and business leaders

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Connected Cars Rev Up For A Revolution

10/01/15 – Forbes
Article reports that Professor Robert Wolcott spoke at the Frankfurt International Motor Show about “a new industrial revolution” whose impact would be “on a par with that of the railroads in the 19th century.”

Inspiring The Corporate Entrepreneur

09/29/15 – Forbes
Article by Professors Carter Cast and David Schonthal argues that seeking out entrepreneurs is better than training people to be "intrapreneurial" in a company's status quo, and gives three examples of how corporate entrepreneurship can be encouraged.

U of I, Kellogg and Booth are tops for bankable entrepreneurs

09/28/15 – Crain's Chicago Business
Article reports that Kellogg ranked 5th among MBA programs in producing venture-backed entrepreneurs, according to PitchBook. Kellogg produced 211 entrepreneurs, who started 194 companies that raised $2.3 billion. Ranking also reported in Poets & Quants.

Mike Sands '96

Start Me Up: Mike Sands ’96

09/18/15 – A change in company name — and direction — helped Mike Sands grow rapidly and win an EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award

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For Biggest Results, Focus On The Struggle

09/10/15 – Inc.
This article written by Professor David Schonthal focuses on how to tackle business struggles in a way that breeds innovation.

Why accelerators are getting hotter than B school

09/09/15 – CNBC
This article takes a look at increasingly popular accelerator programs and quotes Professor Linda Darragh on Kellogg's Zell Scholars program, which gives $10K in seed funding to 10 MBA candidates each year.

Diana Goodwin

Start Me Up: Diana Goodwin '11

09/03/15 – A love of swimming and a desire to start her own business led Diana Goodwin to launch AquaMobile, which provides at-home swimming lessons to customers

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Could ‘Growth’ Become A New Business School Discipline?

09/03/15 – Poets & Quants
This article features Kellogg's new curriculum on how to successfully scale and grow a small- or middle-market business, featuring faculty including Professors Ben Jones, Gad Allon and Mike Mazzeo as well as Lecturer Dan Weinfurter.

Be Unrealistic: The Only Path To Breakthrough Success

09/02/15 – Forbes
This article by Professor Rob Wolcott discusses four guiding principals for corporations to identify and pursue plans that will likely be rejected by traditionally minded executives and investors.

For startups, investors aren't just funders—they're 'pattern recognition' experts

08/31/15 – Crain's Chicago Business
This article by Professor Linda Darragh recaps the Pritzker Group Venture Fellows Pitch Day, in which Kellogg and Booth participated, and discusses why venture capital firms are underestimated for their pattern recognition insights.

Adidas Puts Some Spring in Its Step

08/20/15 – Wall Street Journal
This article quotes Professor Robert Wolcott on how a new shoe collaboration with rapper Kanye West may signal resurgence for the Adidas brand, but it is just one element of a larger turnaround.

Badal Shah '12

Start Me Up: Badal Shah '12

08/17/15 – After a frustrating bout with his own property tax appeal, Badal Shah co-founded TurboAppeal, a fast-growing, data-driven solution to help appeal your taxes.

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So who's teaching those courses on entrepreneurship?

08/12/15 – Chicago Tribune
This article features Kellogg’s efforts to build up its entrepreneurship curriculum with the addition of 19 new courses and professors. Quotes Professor Linda Darragh on the growth of the program in the past several years.

Study: Illinois is ‘powerhouse’ for producing female founders

08/06/15 – Chicago Tribune
This article mentions that Kellogg is number 10 on a list of post-graduate schools that produce the most female entrepreneurs based on a report by CrunchBase; no other Illinois schools make that list. At the University level, Northwestern is tied for 12th, the University of Illinois is No. 18 and University of Chicago is tied for 21st in producing female founder.

Don’t Take Risk – Eliminate It

07/16/15 – Forbes
This article by Professors Carter Cast and David Schonthal talks about how innovators should determine the best ways to reduce risk in developing a new product or service.

Venture Thinking: Why Corporations Should Think Like Startups

07/14/15 – Forbes
This article by Professors Carter Cast and David Schonthal discusses how corporate leaders should consider a mindset of resourceful entrepreneurship that’s applicable to virtually any company looking to spur innovation and drive growth.

5 Clues You’ve Found A Venture Worth Pursuing

07/14/15 – Forbes
This article by Professors Carter Cast and David Schonthal talks about the five indicators that show you’ve found a problem that’s worth solving.

Kellogg Insight Live Reunion 2015

Preventing career derailment

07/13/15 – Carter Cast '92 discuss the ways managers can prevent career-ending mistakes

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Sam Hocking '04

Start Me Up: Sam Hocking '04

07/06/15 – Sam Hocking left Wall Street to bring investors and hedge funds together with iMatchative’s AltX

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Peter Thum '99

Start Me Up: Peter Thum ’99

06/30/15 – With Liberty United, Peter Thum turns guns into social good

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