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Sergio Rebelo, Tokai Bank Chair in International Finance and Professor of Finance, addresses alumni at the Allen Center.

Enrollment rises, curriculum expands for EMBA Program

Kellogg’s Executive MBA Programs sees surge in growth marked by various global partnerships

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Favorite MBA Professors of 2016

01/04/17 – Poets & Quants
Article aggregates the publication’s favorite MBA professors from 2016, highlighting Kellogg Professors Linda Darragh, Derek Rucker and Tim Calkins.

Our Lives Will Soon Transcend the Laws of Physics

12/26/16 – Huffington Post
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott discusses how Virtual Reality and complementary technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cybernetics will enable experiences far beyond what we think of today as fictions. In a deep sense, they will become experienced as ‘real’. What today might appear as something like immersive video games will in the not too distant future manifest as comprehensive realities.

Start-ups in Chicago find that focus on B2B clients pays off

12/15/16 – Financial Times
Article quotes Professor Linda Darragh on the topic of startups in Chicago, saying the diversity of Chicago’s economy — in which no industry accounts for more than about 15 per cent of city GDP — is a leading driver.

ASEAN told to find innovative solutions

12/08/16 – The Jakarta Post
This year’s seventh annual two-day KIN ASEAN Forum features local and international speakers, including Professor Robert Wolcott, the executive director of KIN Global; Satoru Matsuzaki, the president of Ryohin-Keikaku Co. (Muji); Pertamina COO Ahmad Bambang; and Market Maker CEO Celeny Da Silva.

The Trumpf Chocolate Zeppelin on the way to the White House

11/19/16 – Huffington Post
Article written by Professor Robert Wolcott asks readers to try and understand their adversaries better than they understand you (or even themselves) because that offers a competitive advantage.

New Kellogg courses address emerging global business issues, expand dynamic programming

11/10/16 – 11 new courses emerge from Kellogg’s cross-disciplinary strategic initiatives and academic departments

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Who needs food? Why Soylent is replacing meals for these busy Chicagoans​

11/09/16 – Chicago Tribune
Article reports on how more and more people with busy schedules are drinking the meal-replacement beverage Soylent, and quotes Professor Rob Wolcott on how Soylent’s offering resonates with the efficiency-obsessed.

Here’s How You Know You’ve Got a Really Great Boss​

10/03/16 – Fortune
Article by Professor David Schonthal discusses the process of identifying admirable leaders by focusing on three characteristics: empathy, empowering others, and generosity.

Don’t Be Tyrannized by Old Metrics​

09/23/16 – Harvard Business Review
Article written by Professor Robert Wolcott explains that while effective metrics are essential for focusing attention and achieving results, they can also overpower better sense. Mismeasurement can lead to mismanagement.

Airline Pilots Pump The Brakes On Plans To Speed Up Flights​

08/17/16 – NPR
Article reports on the issue with plane delays and airline efficiency, quoting Adjunct Lecturer Dean DeBiase on how over the past decade, American and other airlines have cut costs, raised fees and crammed more seats into planes.

MBA programs are going outside the classroom. Here's why.​

08/09/16 – Chicago Tribune
Article discusses how b-school programs in Chicago are increasingly focused on experiential learning, quoting Professor David Schonthal.

Your Lack of Experience Could Be Just What a Startup Is Looking For

08/09/16 – Fortune
Article by Professor David Schonthal answers the question of “How do you leverage a non-traditional background in a new role?” and says that if your career change moves you in the direction of a startup, there’s no need to worry about having a non-traditional background.

Top Business Schools See Family Office Education as Growth Area

07/07/16 – Bloomberg
Article quotes Professor Justin Craig, who says that Kellogg is starting a new offering in 2017 to help family businesses grow and scale. Alumni and mounting research in the past 15 years have shown that family-owned companies are vital to growing economies, he said.

Money Should Never Drive a Startup’s Relationship With Investors

06/30/16 – Fortune
Article by Professor Linda Darragh explores how startup founders can establish a relationship with the right investors to gain access not only to seed or growth capital, but also to their industry expertise and contacts.

Do assassinations change opinions?​

06/20/16 – NPR
This audio story, which features Professor Benjamin Jones, discusses how the recent Brexit campaign briefly paused after the assassination of British lawmaker Jo Cox and looks back at other examples where assassinations changed the course of history.

A trio of Kellogg students won a total of $170,000 to launch and develop their social impact startups through Kellogg’s annual social impact awards.

Kellogg announces 2016 Social Impact Awards winners

06/13/16 – Three Kellogg social entrepreneurs will receive a total of $170,000 to launch and develop their startups

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Why In-N-Out Burger And Google Have More In Common Than You Think

06/07/16 – Forbes
Article quotes Dean DeBiase, adjunct lecturer, about why Salesforce can keep growing because it makes its stakeholders better off.

Growth Guru's Inside Scoop On McDonald's Turnaround

05/27/16 – Inc.
Article quotes Adjunct Lecturer Dean DeBiase on the strategy behind McDonald's recently doubled revenue growth rate, which propelled its earnings up 35% and its stock to an all-time high.

Growth Guru Likes Facebook, Microsoft

05/23/16 – Forbes
Article cites Professor Mohan Sawhney’s research on growth and how not all growth is good. Bad growth — such as that caused by subprime lending or acquisitions that add needlessly to a company’s complexity — produces short-term revenue growth but longer-term collapse

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