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Professor Mark Achler and visiting innovators meet with students in Kellogg’s San Francisco Winter Quarter.

Kellogg pilots San Francisco quarter for entrepreneurship, growth and scaling

Kellogg pilots San Francisco quarter for entrepreneurship, growth and scaling

Bay Area winter quarter marks the latest evolution in the expansion of innovation offerings

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The Future Of All Business: Proximity, Scale And Business Model Innovation

03/06/17 – Forbes
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott explains how proximity presents profound implications for business in two ways (scale and business model change) and suggests paths forward.

When The Computer Is You: The Rise Of Proxy AI

02/19/17 – Forbes
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott examines AI and our future, introducing the concept of Proxy AIs, which would simulate the intellectual and emotional responses of a specific human being.

Blockchain, Burning Man And The Future Of Governance: A Conversation With John Clippinger

02/16/17 – Forbes
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott features commentary on his conversation with John Clippinger, who discussed with him how humans organize—from contract law to Burning Man—and how technologies like blockchain enable new approaches to business and government.

Northwestern channels 'Shark Tank' in new Kellogg student competition

02/03/17 – Chicago Tribune
Article recaps the Kellogg Venture Challenge Shark Tank, which featured quick pitches from eight Kellogg student startups in front of four judges. Startups Re-Bucha, Tiltas and eRetirements were the top winners.

Leading People Too Smart to Be Led

02/02/17 – Harvard Business Review
Article by Professor Wolcott discusses six different ways for leaders to lead a wildly creative, highly effective organization.

Nothing: What Will Remain Uniquely Human In An Age Of AI

02/01/17 – Forbes
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott explains how in this century, artificial intelligences will overtake human beings across an ever-widening swath of capabilities. These capabilities will in many cases be integrated into our living systems, facing us with the question: What might remain uniquely human? And does this question even matter?

A Kellogg MBA Creates Real-Time Tracking For A Trillion-Dollar Industry

01/31/17 – Poets & Quants
Article profiles Kellogg alumnus and entrepreneur Matt Elenjickal, who founded FourKites after graduation. He says his time at Kellogg provided him with “the 3C’s that every entrepreneur is looking for”: capital, connections, and customers, and praises the support of the Zell Fellowship during his time as a student.

This Kellogg MBA Is Revolutionizing K-8 Education

01/27/17 – Poets & Quants
Article features Kellogg alum Sidharth Kakkar’s education start-up, Front Row Education, which is revolutionizing K-8 education with online programming and has seen remarkable growth in the two years since its launch.

Poets & Quants’ Top MBA Startups Of 2017

01/23/17 – Poets & Quants
Article highlights the publication’s top 100 MBA startups of 2017, noting that Kellogg has doubled its representation of startups year-over-year, from four to eight. Additional coverage on the best business schools for MBA startups, also citing Kellogg, is published here.

4 Ways to Use Constraints to Come Up With More Innovative Ideas

01/17/17 – Inc.
Article features POV from Professor David Schonthal, who offers four key suggestions for how innovators can use time to their advantage and cites research from Professor Loran Nordgren.

How business schools bring innovation to their classrooms

01/16/17 – MBA Crystal Ball
Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management has evolved a set of seven courses on the “growth and scaling” topic. Rather than evolving a curriculum on a topic and hoping that adjustments would eventually be made on the basis of market feedback, Kellogg went to MBA employers first to understand the business challenges in the area of growth and scaling before evolving the curriculum. MBA Crystal Ball reached out to Benjamin F. Jones, Faculty Director, Kellogg Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative, to find out more about how the program change was conceptualized.

Favorite MBA Professors of 2016

01/04/17 – Poets & Quants
Article aggregates the publication’s favorite MBA professors from 2016, highlighting Kellogg Professors Linda Darragh, Derek Rucker and Tim Calkins.

Our Lives Will Soon Transcend the Laws of Physics

12/26/16 – Huffington Post
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott discusses how Virtual Reality and complementary technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cybernetics will enable experiences far beyond what we think of today as fictions. In a deep sense, they will become experienced as ‘real’. What today might appear as something like immersive video games will in the not too distant future manifest as comprehensive realities.

Meghan Busse, Associate Professor of Strategy

Enrollment rises, curriculum expands for EMBA Program

12/16/16 – Kellogg’s Executive MBA Programs sees surge in growth marked by various global partnerships

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Start-ups in Chicago find that focus on B2B clients pays off

12/15/16 – Financial Times
Article quotes Professor Linda Darragh on the topic of startups in Chicago, saying the diversity of Chicago’s economy — in which no industry accounts for more than about 15 per cent of city GDP — is a leading driver.

ASEAN told to find innovative solutions

12/08/16 – The Jakarta Post
This year’s seventh annual two-day KIN ASEAN Forum features local and international speakers, including Professor Robert Wolcott, the executive director of KIN Global; Satoru Matsuzaki, the president of Ryohin-Keikaku Co. (Muji); Pertamina COO Ahmad Bambang; and Market Maker CEO Celeny Da Silva.

The Trumpf Chocolate Zeppelin on the way to the White House

11/19/16 – Huffington Post
Article written by Professor Robert Wolcott asks readers to try and understand their adversaries better than they understand you (or even themselves) because that offers a competitive advantage.

New Kellogg courses address emerging global business issues, expand dynamic programming

11/10/16 – 11 new courses emerge from Kellogg’s cross-disciplinary strategic initiatives and academic departments

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Who needs food? Why Soylent is replacing meals for these busy Chicagoans​

11/09/16 – Chicago Tribune
Article reports on how more and more people with busy schedules are drinking the meal-replacement beverage Soylent, and quotes Professor Rob Wolcott on how Soylent’s offering resonates with the efficiency-obsessed.

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