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Qualcomm Life Vice President and Chief Medical Officer James Mault discusses how mobile will make health care more effective and cheaper.

James Mault

3 lessons for the future of hospitals

Qualcomm Life Chief Medical Officer James Mault discusses the business lessons hospitals can take from taxicabs, airlines and coffee shops

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Founder Equity tries new twist on venture fund model

11/11/14 – Crain’s Chicago Business
Quotes Professor Andrew Razeghi, who said that Lecturer Joe Dwyer and Lecturer Sean Johnson’s new company, which is part venture fund and part incubator, is innovative, relevant and helpful.

Larry Gies '92

Growth Solutions: Larry Gies '92

11/10/14 – In the first of a new series, Madison Industries' CEO and president shares his insights on growing organizations

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Kellogg Insight Live

Triggering growth

11/05/14 – Alumni and faculty share their secrets for growing companies

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Luke Tanen '14 and Professor Tom Kuczmarski

The matchmakers

11/03/14 – A professor and a grad match Chicago startups with world-class companies

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Herb Greenberg on Stocks: How Starbucks Is Caffeinating Its Game

11/03/14 – The Street
Article examines Starbucks’s continuous reinvention and mentions Professor Lloyd Shefsky’s book, Invent, Reinvent, Thrive.

What College Can Teach the Aspiring Entrepreneur

11/03/14 – The Wall Street Journal
Article quotes Professor Linda Darragh, who said that undergraduate students can use summer internships to explore different parts of the business cycle. Also quotes Professor Michael Marasco, who said that non-business courses also build skills useful to entrepreneurs.

Why baby boomers are an important part of technology’s future

10/31/14 – Washington Post
Article cites research by Professor Ben Jones that found that the average age of innovators is steadily rising, with the average age of greatest achievement for Nobel Prize winners and great tech inventors having increased six years to 45.

How the Swash Got Laughed Out of the Room -- and Into Your Home

10/27/14 – Bloomberg
Quotes Professor Lloyd Shefsky on Whirlpool and P&G’s Swash. “You can’t really get through life without a washing machine, but you can get through life without this,” Shefsky said.

Getting ahead may require changing tactics, observers say

10/27/14 – Las Vegas Review-Journal
Article reports on Professor Lloyd Shefsky’s book, Invent, Reinvent, Thrive. “Businesses reinvent because things have changed, such as competition, government regulation and pricing,” Shefsky said.

Branding pro talks reinvention

10/21/14 – CNBC
Financial news contributor Herb Greenberg mentions Professor Lloyd Shefsky and his book, “Invent, Reinvent, Thrive.” Greenberg talks about IBM’s current earnings and how Shefsky’s book argues the need for constant reinvention and explains how IBM did that in the past. Segment begins around 1:30.

To Stay Inspired, Entrepreneurs Must Notice, Ask, Try

10/21/14 –
Article quotes Professor Lloyd Shefsky on leaders’ need to sharpen their entrepreneurial mindsets constantly and includes examples from his book, “Invent, Reinvent, Thrive.”

Songhua Hu ’10 and Richard Lim ’10

Start Me Up: Songhua Hu ’10 and Richard Lim ’10

10/20/14 – A tech guru and a floral manager team up to launch two winning startups

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Chicago Ideas Week: The rising tide of social-impact investing

10/13/14 – Chicago Tribune
Article reports on Social Impact Investing: Financing a Better World, a panel hosted by Professor Linda Darragh at Chicago Ideas Week. Takeaways include that “anyone can be an impact investor” and “sell the win-win.”

The Expert – Lloyd E. Shefsky, Clinical Professor, Northwestern University

10/13/14 – Womenetics
Article by Professor Lloyd Shefsky explains how to continuously innovate and reinvent one's self and business to meet constantly changing conditions in the marketplace, using examples from his book, Invent, Reinvent, Thrive.

4 Steps to Reinventing Your Company

10/01/14 – American Express Open Forum
Article quotes Professor Lloyd Shefsky and includes his tips for businesses preparing their reinvention strategies.

Laundry service app launches in Chicago

10/01/14 – Chicago Tribune
Quotes Professor Linda Darragh, who said that customers will be hesitant about whether clothes will be well cared for and washed to their particular standards.

The next great startup: Why selling to businesses beats selling to consumers

09/30/14 – Fortune
Article by Professor Linda Darragh lists six lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from B2B companies about how to launch the next great startup, including targeting the first customers wisely and focusing on opportunities to generate reoccurring revenue.

Why It’s Important to Reinvent Yourself

09/29/14 – LinkedIn
Article profiles Professor Lloyd Shefsky and his book, Invent Reinvent Thrive. “The need to reinvent is very rarely clear, but if you pay attention, it’s likely writing on the wall of the box you need to bust out of,” Shefsky said.

What are the Most Common Traits of Successful Small Business Owners? 50 Experts Reveal the Top Characteristics

09/16/14 – PointBlank
Quotes Professor Lloyd Shefsky, who said that the ability to reinvent one’s self and business to meet constantly changing conditions in the marketplace leads to long-term success for small business owners.

Innovative offerings help Chicago business schools stand out

09/15/14 – Chicago Tribune

Article reports on entrepreneurship and innovation offerings at Chicago schools including Kellogg and Booth. Quotes Professor Linda Darragh, who said that Kellogg has revamped its program by adding 12 new courses and 19 new faculty members.

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