Architectures of Collaboration Initiative News

Clinical Assistant Professor of Management & Organizations Adam Pah teaches a group of MBA students.

New Kellogg courses address emerging global business issues, expand dynamic programming

11 new courses emerge from Kellogg’s cross-disciplinary strategic initiatives and academic departments

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Neuro-tips: Deep Connection at Work

09/04/15 – The Huffington Post
This article features Professor Brian Uzzi’s research on how most people choose friends/colleagues from a neurological perspective.

Leigh Thompson - Managing Virtual Teams

Managing virtual teams

06/26/15 – Long-distance–communications challenges can be overcome. Here's how.

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High-performance negotiation skills for women

06/02/15 – How can women overcome the pay gap? Do your homework and know what to ask for.

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CSSS 2015

Merging big data with social science

05/29/15 – Kellogg’s first-ever Computational Social Science Summit features collaboration and human-machine partnerships

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Team Slacking

Video: Is your team slacking?

05/11/15 – Leigh Thompson helps you ensure that your whole team pulls its own weight

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Are You an "O" Type Marketer?

05/08/15 – Inc.
Article quotes Professor Brian Uzzi on the challenges marketers face when they have an ‘O-dependent’ product - meaning that consumers consult other people’s opinions before buying - in the digital era and how to overcome that challenge by utilizing data sets.

Get inside a hacker's mind

05/01/15 – Wired
Article co-written by Professor Moran Cerf explains the mentality behind a hacker’s mind and the social engineering, human psychology, and art of manipulation that goes on behind a seemingly simple hacking attempt.

How to Respond When Someone Takes Credit for Your Work

04/30/15 – Harvard Business Review
Article quotes Professor Brian Uzzi on how to “make your enemies your allies” in a collaborative workspace and offers advice on what to do when someone tries to claim your work or ideas as their own.

What to Do About Your Worst Work Enemy

03/05/15 – WNYC (New York Public Radio)
Article cites Professor Brian Uzzi’s steps to fixing relationships gone bad: redirect negative emotions, give the other person something to entice them to rebuild the relationship and set the terms of your new understanding.

The No. 1 Predictor Of Career Success According To Network Science

01/15/15 – Forbes
Article cites a study by Professor Brian Uzzi that found that the top performing academic studies had references that were 90 percent conventional and 10 percent atypical. People with open networks are more easily able to create atypical combinations.

Big Data Drawing Big Student Enrollments

12/13/14 – Poets and Quants
Poets and Quants on big data drawing big student enrolllments.

Women Negotiate Forum

Women Negotiate Forum

12/01/14 – Video: strategies for negotiating employment packages

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Leigh Thompson

Videos: Negotiation Tactics 101

07/29/14 – Learn effective negotiation skills in under an hour

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Four guidelines for middle-market companies and growth

Video: Mazzeo on CBS

07/25/14 – Watch video of Prof. Mike Mazzeo discuss his book "Roadside MBA" on CBS' morning show

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Video: How brainwriting can neutralize the loudmouths

06/25/14 – Leigh Thompson shows you how to ensure that all ideas are heard

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Leigh Thompson - Life Stories and Leadership

SPARK: Life Stories and Leadership

06/12/14 – Video: Leigh Thompson on language, embracing failure and leadership frameworks

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Negotiation lies

Negotiation Tips: Lies, damned lies and negotiations

05/12/14 – Untruths hurt your reputation and put future negotiation at risk

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Negotiation First Move

Negotiation Tips: Who’s on first?

04/03/14 – Why you should make the first offer when negotiating

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Women Negotiate Forum

Women Negotiate Forum

03/25/14 – Video: strategies for negotiating employment packages

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Creative Teamwork

The top three collaboration mistakes—and how to fix them

01/15/14 – Fast ways you and your team can start coming up with better ideas together

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