An Innovative and Intimate Learning Community

The world is becoming increasingly complex, requiring greater collaboration across functions, value chain partners and key stakeholders. The problems that impact business can no longer be relegated to silos. Now, more than ever, solving these problems requires diversity of thought and perspective.

Kellogg Action Lab Experience (KALE) is an innovative and intimate learning community of leaders from a broad range of industries, companies and functions who partner with Kellogg’s expert faculty to solve complex problems that impact business through collaboration. This action-learning experience provides a research-based lens for generating answers to emerging issues in business, and offers the tools and frameworks for mapping new knowledge to practical strategy.

KALE is changing the collaboration model between higher education and industry by engaging the “best brains” and the spirit of growth and collaboration to solve tough nut, complex problems that cut across functions, organizations and societal sectors.

The Kellogg Difference

KALE is a fusion experience for breakthrough problem solving and internal capability building.

Through KALE, industry professionals take part in collaborative problem solving that taps the expertise of external subject matter leaders and the diversity of thought and perspective from peers who represent a variety of companies and industries. The on-going dialogue between faculty and business leaders begins with face-to-face workshops designed to facilitate problem framing, application of research and strategic thinking to complex business issues, peer-to-peer learning, consulting and feedback. Learning continues through active dialogue and the exchange of ideas across a range of informal and formal communities between workshops.

KALE creates value by solving practical problems through a convergence of scientific research, thought leadership, practical tools and a trusted network of collaborators who generate and own their own solutions. It is this unique synthesis that distinguishes us from and complements industry groups, sponsored research, traditional education and consulting. Members dialogue remotely to share research, practices, thought leadership and other resources that aid in implementation and in the adoption of innovation, and to prepare challenges to bring to future KALE events.

What Participants Gain

What is Kellogg Action Lab Experience? Hear from KALE participants

What is Kellogg Action Lab Experience? Hear from Jean Egmon, KALE Director

What participants gain from the KALE experience

How participants are applying KALE strategies and insights to organizational challenges

Upcoming Events

May 6-7

Collaborative Leadership: Bridging Silos to Increase Human, Financial and Reputational Health (sponsored in collaboration with FleishmanHillard)

June 17-18: KALE VI Event

Creating Good Viruses: Using Tools from Network Science to Increase Human and Business Health

November 10-11: KALE VII Event

Happiness is Good Business

To receive an invitation or find out more about any of these KALE events, contact Professor Jean Egmon.